Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turkish Boeying crashes at Schiphol

At about 10h31 (earlier, like in the link above, 10:40 was mentioned) a Turkish air plane crashed just before landing on Schiphol. There are many injuries (50 wounded) and up to now nine persons are reported dead, including 3 members of the crew. The plane has broken into pieces, but luckily there was no fire and the plane landed in a meadow instead of on the houses or on the highway. Rumours say that there was no fire because the plane crashed due to a lack of fuel (kerosine).

The moment is pictured by the next astrological keywords:

Mars half semi square Sun/Moon
Mars - Uranus; semi quintile
And an important Neptune without major aspects on top and rising before the Sun.

Strongly related to the right time and place:
Mars/Uranus square ASC
Mars 15 degrees from MC
ASC 105 degrees from Saturn

See the labels for explanations and other examples. For more information about Mars and Uranus-combinations, see Astromarkt (the link leads to an article about Mars-Uranus, with examples).


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