Monday, February 23, 2009

David Boyle , Saturn and the chart of his day of birth

Often transits of Saturn force a person to face the facts, take responsibility, step back even...But sometimes Saturn comes as a blessing. That is when you worked very hard to earn it.
It happened to Danny Boyle today. Transit Saturn square Progressed Sun. And...transit Pluto square progressed Mars, for competition and winning it. Those are not easy aspects. But they come at the moment of winning an Oscar. Perhaps Jupiter or Venus was in contact with natal or progressed Midheaven, but we don't know without hour of birth.

On the day that movie director Danny Boyle was born, the Sun did not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. I name that a 'calling' Sun (a Sun that reflects a vocation to lead and draw attention). The conjunction with Neptune is just out of sign, but reflects that he lives in a imaginary or empathic world (the world of the movies). When he was a boy, he wanted to be a priest (note that Neptune is the symbol of the amorphous worlds...).
Mercury is rising before the Sun and does not make any major aspects at all. Communication is prominent in this chart. An unaspected sun is perfect for a director, because it means that he is in the center of attention. An unaspected Mercury is a good thing for people with a message.

We see Moon oppposition Neptune (for sensitivity) with Venus semi square Neptune (for artistic talent)...that is an artistic pattern like the ones in the charts of artists (on my blog Art&Astrology). There is more...Notice the combination of Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus, both ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and style! And the tight semi square between Jupiter and Uranus is telling us that a pleasant surprise and change in life would sometimes happen. And yesterday it happened to him.

Let us not forget that he has midpoint combinations for success, like Sun semi square Jupiter/Pluto, Mercury conjunct Jupiter/Neptune and 67.56 Mars/Jupiter, 22.5 Venus/Jupiter. Venus is half semi square Sun/Jupiter and square Mars/Jupiter, 22.5 Jupiter/Neptune. Here we have 7 indications and we don't even know the positions of Moon, ASC and MC!

David Boyle is the only famous person born on October 20, 1956, as far as I know. The road to fame is carved by genes, circumstances, social position, education and fortunate meetings. I find it interesting that in the year of his first awarded movie ('Shallow Grave') progressed Saturn was conjunct progressed Sun. And that the present great success goes together with Transit Saturn square Sun. Saturn sometimes gives a present and to Boyle he gives awards.


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