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Multiple marriages, double bodied signs and Jupiter in 7

This Astropost is about Jupiter in the 7th house and about Venus in double bodied signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. They are seen as an indication for multiple marriages or serious relationships. I explain what a double bodied sign is and I give some famous (controlable) examples (Ira von Fürstenberg, Jacqueline and John Kennedy, Hugh Hefner, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand and more...).

The mutable or movable signs are double bodied signs. Two of them are related to twins or look-a-likes: Gemini (the twins) and Pisces(2 fishes). Two of them figure a human being and an animal: Virgo (maiden and bird) and Sagittarius (man and horse). I suppose we should expect a difference in the effect of these double bodied signs. Dualism (Virgo and Sagittarius) or 'two of a kind' (Gemini and Pisces), that is the difference. But there are more differences, related to the element of the sign.

Gemini is an air sign, a sign that belongs to the trine of communications, relationships and communities (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). Virgo is an earth sign, a sign that belongs to the trine of materialism, efficiency and realism (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Sagittarius is a fire sign, a sign that belongs to the trine of energy, vitality and spirit (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). Pisces is a water sign in the trine of Cancer (emotions and memories), Scorpio (processing, continuation) and release (Pisces). Of course other words can be used in the astrological vocabulary. What difference could there be between having Venus in Gemini or Pisces or a Venus in Virgo or Sagittarius. And how can these double bodied signs be related to marrying more than once? I will give some examples of men and women with Venus in double bodied signs. These examples will also show the flexibility (...sic) of charts. One placement in one sign does not tell it all...It remains possible, for example, to get married and divorced several times even when Venus is not in a double bodied sign or with Saturn in the 7th house instead of Jupiter! More about that at the end of this post.

Venus in Gemini is Venus in an air sign and in a flexible sign. Gemini reflects youth (the first contacts). Venus in Gemini has a preference (Venus) for what is young and for the period of youth in general. When you marry young or when you marry the person you loved when you were young, the chance of marrying again was great in the Middle Ages. Women died young (having a baby, for example). In the chart of males Venus in Gemini would start seeking a replacement, someone just like the lost person, someone young. In the chart of women Venus in Gemini would prefer to marry young and to look young. But there would always be the chance of marrying twice. They are the young woman and you look younger when you marry an older man.
BTW You don't need to divorce to have multiple partners. How about dancing?

Think of Jacqueline Kennedy. She married John F. Kennedy when she was 24 and that is not extremely young. When he died, she married an older man (Onassis). Her Venus is in Gemini and opposition Saturn. Jupiter is in her 7th house. There are two indications for marrying more than once (Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in the 7th). The usual indications for divorce are not found (they are: Sun afflicting or conjunct Mars or Uranus, Venus afflicting or conjunct Uranus and/or Mars afflicting or conjunct Saturn and/or afflictions between the 1st and 7th house). We see Venus (ruler 7) in the 8th house and in the 22nd degree.

So maybe Jaqueline Kennedy's Jupiter and Venus are bad examples. But although her second husband was older, he looked like Kennedy in one way: he was just as rich and enabled her to travel (Jupiter in the 7th house).

( has a site to release stress coming from the 22nd degree.

John F. Kennedy married only once but he had several 'relationships' while married. It is said that he hired a dozen of prostitutes once and a while. Moon square Venus in double bodied signs reflect the need for women. And Jupiter is in his 8th house (of sex) and not in the 7th (of marriage). Had he still lived and stopped being a president, he would likely have had a divorce. There are two out of four indications for a divorce: Mars is square Uranus, Venus is semi square Neptune.

Socialite and actress Ira von Fürstenberg has Venus in Gemini and she married twice. She also has Jupiter in the 7th house. Again we see two indications for 2 marriages. However, this lady also has Saturn in the 7th house. Fortunately for her, Jupiter is more important in her chart as Jupiter is rising before the Sun.

Ira von Fürstenberg married when she was only 15 and her husband was 31! (Venus conjunct Mars often makes a quick start!). The marriage ended in divorce after 5 years and was annuled 9 years later. The second time she married an even older man (24 years older) and divorced less than 3 years later.

There are little indications for divorce in her chart, except for the half semi square between Venus and Uranus. So this Venus in Gemini might be a good example of marrying young and twice. The presence of Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in the 7th house is also pointing at the importance of partnership.

Different kind of relationships are to be expected with Venus in Virgo. Ingrid Bergmann, John Lennon, Roger Moore and François Mitterand had Venus in this flexible earth sign. Practical art and a cool look are other ways to express Venus in Virgo.

INGRID BERGMANN (Venus in Virgo)
Ingrid Bergmann (29 August 1915 at3h30 CET Stockholm) was born with Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in the 8th house. She married twice and in between she had a nine year affair that caused a scandle in those days. There are no indications for a divorce in her natal chart. So the position of Venus seems to be a good example for this post.

JOHN LENNON (Venus in Virgo)
John Lennon married twice. Once when he was young (Mercury in the 7th house), divorced and married someone older than him. In a period of this marriage he left her for a very young girl. His chart shows a disproportional need for love and women (Moon inconjunct Venus). Mars in Libra is (IMO) related to divorces because Mars is not in the right place in Libra and 'fighting each other' might be the effect when cooperation ends.

He had Venus in Virgo, a flexible earth sign. Venus did not make any Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, so Venus was 'calling'. His Venus was inconjunct Moon in Aquarius and 22.5 degrees (half semi square) Saturn. Venus (ruler 7) and Mars (ruler 1) are semi sextile. There is an opposition of Mercury in the 7th with Saturn and Jupiter in the 1st house. That is the indication for possible divorce.

John Lennon was an artist. Artist tend to divorce more often than others (and they can afford it:). He could not find a balance between his preferences and his needs. Venus in Virgo is reflecting two DIFFERENT kinds of marriages.
About John Lennon and his relationships, see an earlier post:

ROGER MOORE (Venus in Virgo)
Roger Moore married four times. He has Venus in Virgo and ruler 7 is Uranus at Aries Point. Moon opposition Saturn is an indicaton for getting divorced, but it is only one. So Venus in Virgo seems to be a good example for this post about double bodied Venus-signs related to several marriages. BTW, Moon is in Gemini on top of his chart.

Roger Moore is one of the James Bonds in my article on Astromarkt about the astrological pattern that James Bond shares with James Bond:

François Mitterand (26 October 1916 at 4 GMT in Jamac France) had his own way to have several relationships. He even had them at the same time. His Venus is in Virgo AND Jupiter is in the 7th house.
See for more about Mitterand:

As Venus is in a flexible fire sign, the second marriage partner should be different or there would be a completely different kind of relationship the second time. You can see that in the charts of Tina Turner, Jeanne Moreau and Albert Mol.

Tina Turner married once. She never married again but...She is living with EMI record executive Erwin Bach since 1986.

She had multiple indications for divorce (Sun ruler 1 tightly square Mars and quindecile Uranus ruler 7, Venus biquintile Uranus and Mars septile Saturn) in her chart when she was born. This amount of indications in the chart of a woman usually point at being self sufficient and independent enough to be able not to marry. See Uranus ruler 7 on top of her chart, too. With Mars in the 7th house inconjunct Pluto and 75 degrees from Uranus the chart is reflecting the abuse in her first marriage.

Venus ruler Midheaven AND 5th house of pleasures, entertainment and the other gender, is in Sagittarius. Venus is square the oriental Neptune. This is a statement for an artist and for sensitivity. Sagittarius is a flexible fire sign (and she moves enthusiastic, doesn't she?:). Her Venus is also square Jupiter. The combination of Venus-Jupiter and Neptune is telling us that she has a devoted audience (Jupiter-Neptune) related to beauty or arts (Venus). See Art & Astrology...
Venus in Sagittarius made her relate to a different kind of person in a different kind of relationship (not officially married, but in a long lasting relationship; Venus trines Saturn).

Jeanne Moreau, the French actress, married twice (briefly) and had several spouses. She has a Sagittarian Venus, ruling her Ascendant. An indication for possible divorce is the aspect of the Sun semi sextile the oriental Mars. And how about the independent Moon in Aquarius on top of the chart? She is rich and famous enough to be able to divorce when needed and wanted. Perhaps that is why it takes no more than a double bodied Venus to marry more than once.
See her chart on Art&Astrology:

Dutch comedy actor Albert Mol had Venus in Sagittarius. He was homosexual but married a woman and had children with her. Mol (born 3 January 1917 at 3 AMT in Amsterdam) also had Moon in Taurus. Perhaps having children was a reason to get married at the time. Indications for divorce are Moon in the 7th at 75 degrees from Saturn and the half semi square between Mars and Uranus.

Venus in Pisces is a flexible Venus in a double look-a-like sign. But Venus is also very sensitive, empathic and romantic in Pisces. That is why so many artists have Venus in Pisces or Venus related to the ruler of Pisces. Examples? See my other blog: Art&Astrology.

Richard Nixon (9 January 1913, 21h30 PST Yorba Linda) had Venus in Pisces. He never divorced, but often left his wife Pat alone in the White House while he spent his days with his friends. Is it surprising that Neptune, the ruler of the house of marriage (the 7th) is in the 11th of friends? Also notice that the Moon is in Aquarius, not making Ptolemaic aspects within 5 degrees. That is an indication for a very strong need to be in the company of friends and equals. It also illustrates a need to be independent and free. There are no indications for divorce in his chart. And he seems to have appraciated his wife and his marriage.
There is an article on Astromarkt about the chart of Richard Nixon, that I wrote in 2005:

Barbara Streisand has Venus in Pisces, the last of the flexible signs. Venus in Pisces is not uncommon in the charts of artists. Venus rules her 7th house and is square Jupiter, sesquisquare Pluto and biquintile Uranus. Notice the combiation of Venus, Jupiter and Pluto for the great success as an artist.

There are little indications for possible divorce in her natal chart. Mars (ruler 1) is semi sextile Saturn. And that is it. So in this case, Venus in the double bodied sign is a good example. Of course, in this chart Venus disposes of the 7th house of partnership and that might be the reason for having two marriages.

See more about her chart on Art & Astrology:

Is there a better example than Hugh Hefner? He has Venus in Pisces and as Venus does not make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, Venus is 'calling'. We can clearly see that. See the post about his chart:

JUPITER IN THE 7th HOUSE (for more than one marriage)
Jupiter symbolizes multitude, 'more and more' and growth. Either you grow in marriage or your partner does, sometimes you both get fat:) That is one way to express the influence of Jupiter. There are more. For example: getting married more than once. The reason that Jupiter symbolizes successes and overload is that Jupiter is the biggest planet of them all.

Marilyn Monroe was born with Jupiter in the 7th house. She married a few times. The first time she was only 16 years old and she married asap. The second time was for 9 months only. And the third time her husband (Arthur Miller) left her for someone else. She has Sun (ruler 1) quintile Uranus (ruler 7) for a creative way to be independent and free through relating. She married instead of going to an orphany! She has Jupiter in the 7th opposition Neptune in the 1st and that is an indication for possible divorce. So is the Moon in 7 opposition Neptune. Mars is trine Saturn in the 22nd degree of Scorpio at the bottom of the chart. And Venus is in Aries (like in the chart of Elisabeth Taylor).

François Mitterand had Jupiter in the 7th house and Venus in Virgo (see there). He had several partners while he was married.

J.W. Jones, the notorious sect leader (13 May 1931, 22 hours in Lynn IN) had Jupiter and Pluto in the 7th house with Venus in Aries square Saturn in the first house.

In the charts of less famous people Jupiter in the 7th house may have the same meaning. But there is also the possibility that you marry to progress or travel together. Let us face it: with Jupiter in the 7th house you may be lucky to get married and there is an advantage if you do. So why wouldn't you do it twice?

Finally, to prove stats wrong, I like to mention the chart of Elisabeth Taylor, the woman who married 7 times with Venus in Aries (not a double bodied sign at all). Uhm...wrong, I said? The cusp of her 7th house of partnership is in the double bodied sign Gemini...A better example perhaps is the chart of Johnny Depp (see my blog Art&Astrology). He married once and had several domestic spouses. He has Saturn (!)in the seventh house.
And how about the chart of Zsa Zsa Gabor (6 February 1915, 20:08 CET Budapest), who married 8 times has Venus in Capricorn square Aries Point, but she has Pisces on the cusp of the 7th house and the ruler of Pisces (Neptune) is 'calling', biquintile Mercury ruler 1. Picture it: ruler 1 Mercury biquintile the 'calling' Neptune ruler 7 for a creative (biquintile) way to relate at any kind of level...
Joseph Smith (23 December 1805, 18:15 in Sharon), founder of the polygamous Mormones had an unaspected Moon in the 7th house in Aquarius and perhaps other reasons to marry more than one woman (having a family with children, for example).

An explanation about the indications for a divorce..
In a man's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Moon and Saturn or Neptune, Venus and Neptune, Mars and Uranus.
In a female's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Sun and Mars or Uranus, Venus and Uranus, Mars and Saturn.
And in the charts of both genders:
Afflictions between the 1st and 7th house (rulers)

I found that Venus in Aries or Mars in Libra do not make relationships easy. Neither does the placement of Neptune on the horizon in the charts of females. Hard aspects between Moon, Venus and/or Mars illustrate that it may be hard to find a match (and so the nativity needs to compromise).

Every chart is unique. And there are many ways to express Venus in mutable signs. Actors have 'movie partners'. You can have dance partners. You can even have partners in crime! But when it is about love: Venus in mutable signs is flexible. And when things aren't going, they just move on. Swifter than other signs do, they adapt to new situations in love. And with Jupiter in the 7th there is an advantage to get married, so why not...I know persons with Venus in Gemini who love to dance, but only with one special partner. The language of astrology is as multi interpretable as the flexibility of the movable signs is.



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