Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Astroposts

It is (almost or already) Valentine, so time to pay attention to some romantic Astroposts about matching, dramas, men and women,Venus and happy moments

Andrw and Sarah,, made to divorce each other?

Matching signs with table

Gene Robinson (a bishop who got married to a man)

Madonna and Guy Ritchie and their not matching signs

The Tom Cruise-Cher affair of the past

Jenna Bush's marriage (to show the happy transits for a happy day)

Phil Collins daughter married and Moon-Venus was there

The Mayerling drama, in the age of romance

Neptune (for killing you softly), a dramatic and poetic post...

Madame de Pompadour, royal mistress

Hugh Hefner and his women and the playboy in his chart

Charles Dickens and the women in Victorian times

When the ladies smile...(François Mitterand)

John Lennon's relationships with Cynthia and Yoko

Venus-Uranus (firework in the rollercoaster!)

Rudolf Valentino was a famous lover in the movies. He married twice. The first time the partner was a lesbian. The second time he was arrested. He married while there was not yet an official divorce. Venus in the 'double sign' Gemini doesn't make any aspects. That is reflecting love and women at any kind of level, even double...

Last years Happy Valentine post (about Carla Bruni, Kate Middleton and David Beckham)

Happy Valentine!


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