Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yesterday Phil Collins celebrated his daughter Joeley's wedding with Stefan Buitelaar in Leiden, Holland. It was with the Moon parallax exactly opposition Venus. And is not Moon-Venus the perfect symbol of a family wedding and moments of love? What is a parralax? They can explain perfectly well on I limit myself to using the parallax position.
More about the moon in general (with the funny ideas about how to behave and the colours of your dinner) can be found on my site Astromarkt.

I have seen more tight transits and aspects with the Moon parallax. There is a difference of maximum 1 degree between the mean Moon's position used in the ephemeris, and the Moon parallax. In my computer program there is a possibility to calculate the Moon parallax position. I found it a great tool for timing in my own chart.

ASTROLOGY CHART PHIL COLLINS: his success written in the stars...

Phil Collins has a good chart for an artist. Neptune is the oriental planet*) and we see Sun, Venus and Jupiter on the IC, angular. Mercury is end dispositor of the Midheaven routing. And there you are: an artist (Venus-Neptune) with fans (Jupiter-Neptune) and success (Sun-Jupiter-MC, Venus-Jupiter-MC), performing or drawing attention as the leader (of the band (Leo MC) with communications (using voice or writing with Mercury) dominating the process. Venus in Aquarius is a beautiful variation on the Venus-Uranus theme that I use to find in most of the natal charts of pop artists.

*) The oriental planet is the planet rising before the sun. I use to skip Mercury and Venus (the most common risers) unless they are angular or 'calling' (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). This is because most of the people want to be a writer or be an artist and few manage to work in that field, unless they have a 'call' or unless it is of vital and crucial importance for their life and carreer. In the case of Collins, Mercury is rising before the Sun, trine Saturn. Mercury does make aspects, Mercury is not angular, but Mercury (communications) is important anyway (end dispositor of the MC).
Neptune is the planet of visions, ideals, the amporpheus and arts.

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