Sunday, August 24, 2008


Wikipedia offers a biography of Joe Biden. Now that I have read about the death of his first wife, I am sure that 8:30 a.m. is the correct birth time for Obama's running mate. So here is a PS about the chart of Joe Biden re: my post of yesterday about the synastry of Biden and Obama.

There are two reasons why I think 8:30 a.m. is an appropiate hour.

1. Ceres on the IC of Biden is symbolizing the caretaker, nature, mother...He had to be a single parent taking care of young children for years. Ceres on the IC is the issue of seeds, genes, heir dom and inheretance...the basics of life. Those issues are important in the life of Joe Biden.

2. Moon inconjunct Neptune (losing a woman or a family) of the signs of more than 1 serious relationship (in the charts of men), shows me that 8:30 a.m. is right. The Moon rules the eight house of life and death and Neptune the fourth house of endings. It is the most narrow aspect in his chart, apart from the angularities: Ceres opposition Midheaven and Uranus on the Descendant. Here is the chart:

And now it is up to you to decide if Saturn on the Midheaven of Joe Biden's solar return for his coming birthday is a good sign or a bad one. In particular since the MC is conjunct Transit Saturn on the day of the elections, while Uranus will be on the IC. It might just be the end of freedom and the start of a period of protocol and limitations. But it could also mean an unexpected end of a vocation. Astrology is flexible. So am I. There can only be one right answer. Let us wait for the VP that McCain has in mind. And when the pictures are complete, let's have another look at it. BTW When I had T Saturn conjunct Midheaven I moved to a bigger house (and a higher mortgage:)...

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