Sunday, August 24, 2008


Margareth Thatcher suffers from dementia since 2000, when she had MC conjunct Saturn in her progressed chart. This aspect does not make life easier, generally.

I read this on The article in this Spanish newspaper says, that when her husband Denis died in 2003 she had to be told the bad news over and over again, because she forgot it time after time. She had progressed Sun semi square progressed Saturn in 2003 and Transit Pluto inconjunct her progressed Descendant, so that she had a hard time and was confronted with death and loss in that year.

The fact was told by her daughter Carol, announcing the publication of her auto-biography today. I think it can be told now that her mother is not able to read the papers any more….
This happens in the life of Margareth Thatcher, with her progressed Midheaven changing sign to Sagittarius (the sign of publications) in the year that her progressed Pluto will be opposition her progressed Sun. This changes her status (MC) right now. And within one year she will experience a sort of an involuntary change of life, something challenging. At her age, it might be something dangerous and life threatening. This also crosses my mind, because Pluto is in her eight house of life and death. In her solar return, later this year, Mercury - ruler 8 - is on her Midheaven. It makes me think of a crisis. Margareth Thatcher was born in 1925.

Post about the chart of Mrs. Thatcher and her son, with drawings.

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