Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As a Sagittarian I will have Uranus square Sun this year, for the second time. The first hit was a close encounter with a little mouse in the house (SHRIEK!@#$). They say that the final hit is the worst one. Maybe then it will be a BIG mouse!?:) Uranus is for adrenaline...And in a few days time Mitt Romney will have T Uranus conjunct natal Sun. What little mouse will make HIM jump at the couch?

I have several examples of the intense force of a Uranus transit and of the position of Uranus on the MC or on top (square Ascendant) in an event chart. Whatever happens with transit Uranus, it will be a surprise and it might be shocking to yourself or others. In a big way, when you are a public figure. And sometimes in a tiny way when you are a simple astrologer, blogging. Maybe doing that is enough adrenaline and Uranus does not want to make it worse?:)

I have seen several examples of the effect of transit Uranus in the charts of public figures. Most of the time they make news, often it is not pleasant news. Today's example is the transit of URANUS square the progressed Sun of Evo Morales. Over 60% of the population of Bolivia supports his policy. But his greatest enemies stay in function...And maybe that caused the same shock as seeing a mouse running in your living room. Evo Morales was born October 26, 1959 in Bolivia, time unknown. Reyes, his enemy (born April 20, 1954), has his Mars conjunct the Saturn of Morales, like a nail on a coffin. Uranus produces adrenaline...

In 2006 I noted for Uranus on my site Astromarkt:
- Uranus conjunct MC at the moment that an ice hall in Germany collapsed and
- Uranus conjunct MC at the moment of a bomb in Israel
( In history see the chart of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima with Uranus on top, square Ascendant).
- Revelations, like those about Einstein and his affairs with women, in the news when transit Uranus crossed his MC.
- T Uranus square, opposition or inconjunct (progressed) Sun for Dutch 'top' criminal Willem Holleeder and George Michael at the time of their arrest and for Dave Brown at the time of the trial. Transit Uranus was square the Sun of the Israelian minister Katsav when he was being accused of undesired intimacies. And Litvinenko had both Uranus and Pluto in aspect with his Sun when his life was in danger and his skin changed dramatically.
- T Uranus conjunct the Sun of an entertainer with a secret affair.
- A Dutch minister had to quit because of an affair caused by others, when he had Transit Uranus sesquisquare Sun.
- A Dutch television personality had progressed Sun conjunct Uranus when she had a car accident.
- Transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Sun of Madonna accompanied the discussed adoption of an African child (together with T Saturn semi square progressed Sun).
- There was an exciting transit of Uranus conjunct the Sun of Daniel Craig during the release of his first James Bond.
- Transit Uranus square Sun in 2006 was what the Belgian Prince Laurent had, when it became known that he used marine funds to decorate his apartment.
- Sun-Uranus afflictions Uranus afflicted the Ascendant of Robin Williams and also the Ascendant of G√ľnther Grass when something out of the past became news.
- And with Transit Uranus conjunct Venus a Dutch author became a centerfold in Playboy.

So I had expected more than just one little mouse. There is another chance for Uranus to make me shake on the 2nd of October (my natal Sun, square) or later in October, on the 16th (square Progressed Ascendant and inconjunct both Pluto and Neptune). Last time T Uranus was opposition the midpoint of Neptune/Pluto I had a very very minor surgery on my foot, when the aspect was exact. Uranus is in Pisces (like my Ascendant is) so that fits! BTW, have I mentioned before that in my chart exact transits and progression have made me a fan of tight aspects, yet?

The difference of having Uranus on the natal MC, or not
The Uranus transit of Jesse James..., when his words were broadcasted involuntarily....

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Unknown said...

This was so helpful. I have an upcoming t Uranus conj. natal sun (11 Aries 01) sitting on the Anti-vertex. The T Vx is also conj. the progressed Vertex. I'm trying to make some sense of it. Thank You.