Thursday, August 21, 2008


A disaster like a plane crash doesn’t really come 'des astres' (from the stars). Most of the time human errors, mechanical problems (due to human errors) and miscommunication together with certain circumstances cause a crash.

The plane at Barajas did not just fall out of the sky. There was something wrong with the plane. It is good to know that, because I know that every day, every moment, there are combinations of planets and the cross of the chart, that match with accidents. Every day, everywhere. And sometimes this possible moment in time and place for an accident, reflected in the chart of the event, happens to be sort of 'fed' by a possible object. Sometimes these moments are obvious (like Mars or Uranus angular), sometimes not (midpoint combinations with the MC, for example). When time (planet) and place (angles) come together to make a hard and difficult combination, there is always a risk. The chart of 14:45 Madrid (the moment of the crash) shows us Neptune tightly square the Ascendant.

The chart of the worst crash in Spain in 25 years shows:
1) a calling Mars (no aspects in sign) opposition Aries Point and
2)a calling Neptune in the 3rd house of transportation and communications, exactly square Ascendant. Another clue is
3) the degree of the Ascendant: 23rd of Scorpio (see below).

The chart and the event make me ask questions like: Is that all that it takes to have such an accident at that particular time and place? And what is a time for such an accident? Heaven may know. Accidents and death happen all the time and everywhere. This one shocked us, because so many people died at once. No one expected this, and nobody was warned. It is impossible to know beforehand.

When astrologers in old times said ‘des astres’, they did not mean that they could have predicted them. On the contrary! Astrologers can see the time (the planets positions) but we have to know the place as well and the conditions... It takes TWO things (a chart and circumstances) and that is why there is such a word as 'co-incidence'.
Here a plane with a defect started to fly at the wrong moment. If anyone could have prevented that, he/she would have done it. We could blame the combination of the moment in time, the place and the stars. But those three would not have worked, had the plane be in good condition. Until we are sure about that, we cannot blame anything or anyone and only be sad about the event itself. Once you enter a plane, you are subject to other persons'responsibilities and actions and to the charts of others, because there is little YOU can do to turn a plane. So yes, perhaps your fate sometimes is in the hand of unknown 'astres'...

23rd Scoprio:
Janduz says that it is a degree of disability and the picture that accompanies her words in the Zodiac Image Handbook of Koppejan is that of a farmer sowing against the wind (and I read somewhere that Barajas has a bad wind). The explanation of Janduz is that this degree belongs to 'going the wrong way', acting too late or against common sense.

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In the files 2006, about the pitcher Liddle and his crash:
"11th October 2006, CORY LIDLE
The plane crash on 11th October 2006 happened to NY pitcher Cory Lidle (born 22nd March 1972 Hollywood) with the present position of Neptune on the ascendant of the moment of the accident (...)"

PS dated August 28:

I read that one of the engines of the airplane moved backwards instead of straight ahead and that the plane's tail hit the ground over 3 times: 'going the wrong way'.


Anonymous said...


First I want to say I love you’re blog and specially reading Britney’s posts cause im still a big fan of her and want her to succeed again. The rumors are that she will perform again at the vmas this year (Sunday 7th September) and that worries me because I don’t want to see another disastrous performance like last year. Could you please make a post about what astrology holds for her this day?
I read also you’re post about Britney and Justin and maybe im naïve but I really think they are meant to be. Justin seems still not ready to settle down and she is fixing her personal life. Is there a chance of them to reunite in the future and when will that be?

Im sorry for my long comment but im a huge fan of Britney and Justin and I wanted to know what the future holds for them.


Astromarkt said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment! A long comment, so there will be a long answer, though I cannot answer all of your question, I am afraid. People make their own choices, always. And romance is nice, but I am afraid that only in the movies they 'get each other' in the end:)

About Justin and love: there is not only ONE perfect man in a person's life. She might meet another mister right, too. This year Britney has Venus on the solar return MC and next year Moon, Venus and Jupiter. These are good signs. IN november she will have a progressed Moon conjunct Venus and that often indicates a moment of love and pleasure...Let us hope there will be good prospects for her!

On September 7 she has a mixture of transits of Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. If she is supposed to make a come back that day, I would suggest her to make another choice. There are indications for feeling ill (Neptune semi square P Sun and inconjunct P Saturn), feeling bad (T Saturn inconjunct Moon) and of a disbalance between effort and result (Pluto inconjunct P MC), I am afraid. On the other hand, with Venus trine P Venus and T Venus sextile MC there are good things about that day, too (for entertainment and fun). One never knows what good things will come out of a bad day, anyway.