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Sarah Palin is the mother of five, she has a partner and she has just been asked by McCain to be the vice-president if he will make it to be the next president of the USA. No more than a year ago Sarah Palin gave birth to her fifth child. She is strongly against abortion and a true conservative. For those who value signs above planets and, surprised about this Aquarian being conservative: Aquarius is not only the symbol of 'improvement' but also the sign for antiques and controversy.

Sarah Palin (11th February 1964 Sandpoint, Idaho*) was born with the Moon in Capricorn calling, or in Aquarius (conjunct Mercury), but the Moon is always oriental (rising before the Sun), no matter what sign the Moon is in. That prominent position of the Moon makes her first of all a person who wants to commit herself to a party or group. She is 'involved' and her needs and sense of 'to belong' comes first, if not her personal needs. I have the idea that Capricorn is her Moonsign, because of the ambition and the organisational skills that it takes to manage a household with 5 children and have a brilliant carreer. Having a prominent Moon seems to be good for the position of women (see for example the chart Nancy Reagan with MC conjunct a calling Moon in Leo). Sarah Palin was once - like Nancy Reagan - a beauty queen. Look at her Venus at Aries Point for prominent estetics.
With Sun tightly conjunct Mars her energy is explained. Moon, Jupiter and Uranus are 'calling'(no Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees) and it is rather easy to see the journalist (Uranus) and the successful woman (Moon, Jupiter and Uranus for foresight and good intuition).

One thing is amazing. She has a wider square between Sun and Neptune, just like Obama has and just like in the chart of Angela Merkel. All three of them have been underestimated at first or came more or less out of the blue…Jupiter is inconjunct Neptune in her chart. That symbolizes a certain, sometimes misbalanced, religious conviction.

Now that she has been appointed as the vice-president to be (if McCain wins) we see transit Neptune square her Sun and semi square progressed Sun. That transit of Neptune is activating the Sun-Neptune aspect in her natal chart. Is a dream (Neptune) coming true (Sun) the hard way (square)? Mostly transits of Neptune with the Sun don’t make a person very happy. This aspect causes disillusions and isolation, not a glorious moment. To me, she looked a little surprised. She has been chosen because she is a she and because she is more conservative even than McCain is. But she will never gain Hilary Clintons’ votes, because of that conservatism. And I bet she knows it. So THIS hit of Neptune might be the first act in a play that ends on November 4.
She also had transit Venus square Sun yesterday (ok, she smiled) and transit Pluto is now square Progressed Mars (another hard and difficult aspect for being forced to defend yourself and for political fights).

I added the charts of the synergy between Plain and McCain (their Suns have a distance of a quindecile – 165 degrees - and that does not seem effective partnership to me). Obama and Biden is a good match. McCain and Palin seem to be a less cooperative couple, unless her hour of birth shows us a good matching ascendant and MC.

For just in case, what if she might become a president one day? Then she will be very hardworking, social and caring person with a drive. And pretty, that too!:) She has Venus at Aries Point, also for diplomacy. I hope for the sake of herself and the nation that there is some leadership, visible in angular positions. But we can only know for sure with her hour of birth at hand.

PS September 1, 2008
Neptune's influence (revealing secrets and the media against you) is obvious in Troopergate. Sarah Palin is accused of using her influence as a governor as governor to get her ex-brother-in-law fired as a state trooper. When she became famous this old scandal of course emerged...

Is 16:40 hours the birth time of Sarah Palin?

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Astromarkt said...

Very interesting, though 'only' a political view. We are not debating about democrats or republicans here and I try to keep this space astrological and as unbiased as a not voting European can be:)

What ASTROLOGICAL indications are there for her to become the next VP, that is the question. I would be interested in the answer and in her HOB...