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Astrological position of Dzokhar Tsarnaev (Boston terrorism suspect)

They are hunting one of the suspected terrorists of the Boston blasts on April 15, 2013. His brother is already dead. If he was really born on July 22, 1993, the astrological clock is ticking for him. As Dzhokhar Trarnaev's transits and progressions are very difficult, I would be surprised, considering the circumstances, if he survided this or got away unhurt. There is a Mars-Saturn and Sun-Mars combination. You see:

- transit Mars now in the 30th of Aries, square natal Sun (being a target, getting hurt, pain)
- Progressed Mars is inconjunct natal Saturn (pain, death end) and sextile Sun (Sun/Mars/Saturn combination)
- transit Saturn is novile Progressed Mars. (death end)
There is also transit Jupiter semi square the Sun (a frustrating success).

Here is the chart of his day of birth. I choose the capital of Kyrgyzstan as the place of birth, but I know that it is not the right place. It is somewhere in that part of Europe. 

What is important in this natal chart is Sun inconjunct Saturn, the lame duck aspect, the aspect of the unhappy ending, sometimes signaling a physical deficiency (maybe only late in life). Both Sun and Saturn are 'calling' (no major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees). That makes this natal aspect very important. It is about being blamed, being held responsible, too. This aspect might be involved with one of the angles of the chart. For more on that aspect, use this link.

In the natal chart Saturn is quatronovile (4x40d) Mars. There is twice a Mars-Saturn transit/progression with his chart now.  It means that discipline, punishment and in extreme cases: death are now important issues. 

Of course, those born on the same day are no terrorists or suspects. Much depends on the individual's chart, the culture, gene, gender, social circumstances and opportunities, too. Most terrorist were born on a day or moment with an important Mars-Uranus. Tramaev's day of birth doesn't. But, of course, his hour of birth is unknown. However, those who were born on the same day, might be confronted with loss of energy and drives and have to take care of themselves ... and others.

PS I almost overlooked Mercury opposite Neptune. You know that that is one of the frequent aspects in case of suspects? 

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