Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moon inconjunct Uranus

Archeology in Italy: looks like astronauts:)
It is funny how I keep drawing charts with Moon inconjunct Uranus lately.  I looked at the charts of Betty Davis, Jim Bakker and George Harrison (whose chart you see on my blog Art&Astrology). They all had a tight quincunx between Moon and Uranus and it is up to us to find out what they shared:).  What is that:
- A lot of upheaval?
- The need for exciting new experiences?
- Being rather different from the rest of their family or group, involving a loss or lost contact?

All this might apply to Moon inconjunct Uranus. I think that this aspect doesn't help to keep relationships going smoothly. Is one person enough to give the Moon-Uranus quincunx the needed stimulus? Daily life gets boring when you don't have friends or 'something new' around.  I also think that you may feel uneasy or tense when you and your close ones are not 'in line' at all. With this aspect you might experience estrangement, too, feeling like an alien in the family or in the country.  Examples: Betty Davis and her daughter, Jim Bakker's son for a while... and I like to point at Gerard Depardieu's chart. He has Moon inconjunct Uranus, too. I wrote about that aspect in 'The Russian in the chart of...'  It is Depardieu's late son's birthday today. In 2003 this son decided not to see his father any more. If he was born around noon, he could have Moon inconjunct Uranus, also...

Uranus may add something 'hyper' to moods or reactions. Perhaps that is being expressed in hyper sensitive physical reactions. With the inconjunct aspect (the quincunx) the reaction is out of balance.  Uranus often includes surprise and shock. For more on inconjuncts with Uranus, check this blog.

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