Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On happy houses and Transit Uranus square Sun/Moon

Real happy houses:), in Braunschweig Germany

Recently I tried to verify the meaning of houses and rulers. Are they telling is something about a situation? Here is an example.

Someone close who had hot water over him with transit Uranus opposition Sun has a Uranus ruling the happy 5th house and Uranus sits in the 9th. In Indian astrology the 5th and 9th are the happy houses. (Maybe that helped, but who really verifies that?). He would have been more lucky if the water had fallen the other way.

See the September 6 post about Neptune conjunct my Ascendant (and Uranus square my Sun/Moon), both exact on September 4 and you may see that transits of Uranus are alarming, but what happens is not necessarily happening to you.

Here is another reminder of that fact:
  • On August 31, 2012 I tweeted:
    "Transit Uranus exactly semisquare progressed sun and I had an alarming call today: mother broke hip."
    That moment certainly changed my way of life. She never recovered completely.
Uranus works like an alarm bell ringing. And my Uranus is co-ruler of 12 and in the 5th, with transit Uranus in the 1st house, in both cases.

Now how to get that lucky 5th house interpreted?

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