Friday, September 6, 2013

Transit Neptune conjunct my Ascendant

When Neptune crosses your horizon (Ascendant/MC), things might turn misty. Your perspective is fading, things become unclear and all kinds of ghosts (and secrets) might come out of the closet. Is that true, in my experience?
Transit Neptune is on my Ascendant and I am trying to find the meaning of it. I find myself in hospitals, doctor's offices and nursing homes more frequently than ever before. Does the nurse in me come out of the closet?:)

First hit: UNCLARITY
It happened for the first time, when I went to buy new glasses with transit Neptune crossing the Ascendant, in March. I was told that I had a serious eye problem (cataract). The consulted eye doctor said that I didn't have any eye problem at all! It was just because the person who tested my eyes used wrong material. She was not an eye doctor at all and shouldn't have mentioned it.  The first hit of Neptune was about real every day focus and vision (glasses).

Second hit: HELPING
I had the second experience on September 4, when transit Uranus was square my Sun/Moon at the same time that transit Neptune was on my Ascendant. This second hit was exactly on the day that I witnessed an accident and started helping.

Clearly (sic...:) Neptune led me to doctors twice. First to consult the eye doctor (for nothing), then for another person (for something more serious).

Can't wait for the final hit, mid January 2014...:(

PS Neptune is rather important in my chart. Neptune rises before my Sun and is involved in a small trine with Sun, MC and Pluto. Neptune rules Pisces and that is my Ascendant sign. So Neptune is my ruler number 1. All this makes the transits of Neptune more important for me than for those who don't have a prominent Neptune.
For those interested in houses and rulers: Neptune is in my 7th house.

First hit of transit Neptune on my Ascendant: vision and unclarity
Neptune conjunct Ascendant of Christina Aguilera brought her divorce, a new lover and secrets being published, including photo material (very Neptune). A history of Neptune's entrance in Pisces related to revolutions. (Uranus /Pluto is more about social revolts, Neptune in Pisces is about ideologies and revolutions) Combinations with Jupiter and Neptune...

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