Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Difficult Barack Obama - John Boehner synastry

I just wrote about the charts of Barack Obama and John Boehner today (shut down day).
Above is the chart of Obama (click for larger view) with the natal positions of John Boehner to study their synastry. 

Their sun signs don't match (Leo vs Scorpio) and the Uranus of the President is square the natal Sun of the Republican speaker. Let us think about sun-uranus synastry...
If they were lovers, there would be an Aurora-effect, but they are not. Uranus can be very exciting AND alarming in a relationship. With Uranus there is often a certain distance or later alienation, interrupted partnership and the risk of controversy, even when people love each other. When they are political enemies, and they are!, Uranus won't exactly help to come to agreements.
Boehner's 'calling Uranus' makes him a man who wants to stir things up. Right now he has a frustrating moment to do so (transit Uranus sesquisquare Sun). The man who challenges him is the man whose Uranus is square his Sun: a man who is so much different than him.
I know a person whose Uranus is exactly square my Sun and Midheaven. All Uranus' issues join the party: alienation, flashlight relationship, differences, friendship, independence (I see her as a symbol of it) and unpredictability (now I see her, then I don't). She always knows how to surprise and shock me. We live in different kind of worlds and meet on the edges:). It is a sort of an exciting meeting between aliens sometimes. Perhaps that is what we like to experience:) but not always...
If we would have to deal with a nations' problems, I think that we would disagree too much...
There is a more complicating aspect between Obama and Boehner. That is the Pluto of the Republican exactly opposition the Ascendant of the President. That is like seeing the power, strength, influence, force and strategy of Boehner on Obama's horizon. Pluto impresses, angers, challenges, pressure and influences. It is the recipe for an intense and dramatic relationship. Pluto-Ascendant is a stressy thing to deal with!

For the sake of a compromise it would be better to find others to discuss the nation's budget. Because Nerves and stress define the synastry (relationship charts) of Obama and Boehner 

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