Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fitness with Schwarzenegger

They say that Arnold Schwarzenegger practices fitness by means of sexual activity at least 5 times a day, with different women. Can we see that in the chart, considering that he is wealthy, that women love to be with him and that he CAN? Does his chart support this?
Well, here is the chart and something about the sex in it.

First of all, there is the first outer planets rising before the Sun: MARS AND URANUS. Mars gives energy, drive and muscles. That is what it takes, together with Uranus (Mars is conjunct Uranus) for excitement, a hot temper and acceleration. It is not the kind of aspects for yoga sex, I mean. Also, Mars is the ancient ruler of the house of sex (8) and Uranus is his natal ruler 8!
(Does it matter that Mars and Uranus are in 12, I wonder?)

Then we have Jupiter in V. That increases the number of kids and the number of lovers, if you CAN and if the culture permits it. The fifth house is the house of the opposite sex and Jupiter is very tolerant and very umm... let us say permissive. It is a Scorpio Jupiter and that counts!

Sun semi square Mars is also part of the deal. I AM A MAN, yes I am and I can't help I love you, not! And how about that 'calling' Venus in the first house? He is charming!

There is a difference between Schwarzenegger and attractive movie stars I mentioned before: no Virgo. Food for thought!:)


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