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Neptune and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

There is a lot of media (Neptune) attention (Sun) for the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann right now. It is still a mystery what happened to the little girl. Mysteries are often accompanied by transits and progressions of Neptune. In this case there is a lot of Neptune and that is confusing. Neptune is the god of the sea who loved to make it uneasy by means of storm and mist! In the mist, spotlights may be blinding. What happened to Madeleine? It must me horrific for the family not to know the answer and never to be able to end the search. Let us hope that the attention for the case provides an answer.

You know Neptune? Neptune is the symbol of all that disappears, is fake, immaterial, fantasy, mystery, dream, beliefs and media/mediums. It means that whenever Neptune appears, there is a mist. It is like watching a movie or television: you sort of imagine yourself to be part of the play, but you are not. With Neptune, you can never be sure. Rumors: it is one of the words in the astrological vocabulary under the N of Neptune! So is gossip and bad press. Is there anything Nice about Neptune? Not much, except for romance, sweet dreams and illusions or visions that help create art. That is why Neptune is part of the astrological pattern of artistic talent that I found in so many charts of artists (see Art&Astrology). Neptune is not fit for daily life and sometimes unreal. What you see may not be what you get. When dreams turn into nightmares, a tricky Neptune may be confusing those around you and... you.

Neptune is abundantly present in the charts of Maddie and her father. Her mother's day of birth is not known. Perhaps there is a lot of Neptune in her chart, natal, transits and progressions, too. As you may see in the links, there are more of such cases with Neptune and/or intense synastry. The lives of parents, family members, partners, friends and those involved in the case are of course changed or influenced by such a case and media circus. This shows in the related aspects.

See how many times Neptune pops up:

A. Maddie McCann (born May 12, 2003 in Leicester, time unknown; disappearance May 3, 2007)
There is at least 4 times Neptune. See the links below and you will find a 5th.

1. Now: transit Neptune square Progressed Sun
2. Then: transit Neptune square Natal Sun
3. Her Neptune is trine her father's natal Sun

B.  Father (born June 5, 1968 in Glasgow, Scotland at 7:45 a.m.)
1. His Sun is quatronovile Neptune in the natal chart
2. When his daughter vanished, he had transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun
3. Right now his Progressed Ascendant is square natal Neptune

C. Synastry
Her Pluto is opposition his Sun.
Her Neptune is trine his Sun.
Her Progressed Sun was opposition his natal Neptune in 2007(when she disappeared)

There are a number of transits and progressions that relate people in a case (see the link and the quotes). When Madeleine McCann vanished with transit Neptune square Sun, her father had transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun. Her progressed Sun was opposition his Neptune.

Unclarity and suspicion is part of the deal when Neptune is around. HER disappearance (Neptune) turned him into a suspect (Neptune). Right now there is media(Neptune)attention(Sun) for Madeleine again. Progressed Ascendant of Gerry McCann is square Neptune. There is a negative tendency coming with Neptune and sometimes Neptune means a bad press.

Neptune: you can see it coming. But what is it? And when will we know?

Here are some of the charts:

The pictures are clearer when you click for the larger picture...

On Sun-Neptune aspects, read my site Astromarkt: http://astromarkt.net/sun-neptune.html

In one of the posts about the case, there is also Neptune...
Today the Portugese police closed the case of the missing Madeleine McCann. I don't know the time of birth of Maddy McCann, so this chart is for 12 noon on the day that she was born. In that chart Neptune was retrograding, but...Neptune started going direct after the year that she vanished. In 2007 Neptune was stationary. Right now, in this year, Neptune returned to the place of birth. 
Neptune symbolises among others: mist, mysteries and ...giving up.

No, he didn't, even though he had rather suspicious aspects/synastry aspects (well, he WAS a suspect).  They said that DNA of Madeleine was found in his house (which doesn't seem to be true after  all). He has been compensated by the tabloids for the accusations and is not a suspect any more now. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-459316/Madeleine-Is-Robert-Murat-suspect-scapegoat.html

One day a so called killer shows up: John Mark Karr (11th December 1964 in Hamilton), a man with Mars partile conjunct Pluto. He and the victim share the aspect of Mars and Pluto. His Uranus is inconjunct her Moon (zero orb). His Venus trines hers. His Mars trines hers. He could have done it and so he was arrested. John Mark Karr has the same connection between Sun, Mars and Uranus as John Ramsey. But...his DNA does not match and though the man is a pedophile, he did not seem to be the murderer and was released on October 5, 2006. Karr was just obsessed by Jonbenet... 

On the final day of her life Jonbenet had an appropiate transit of Neptune inconjunct the MC. She was missing for a few hours and her death has remained a mystery. She is sharing the Neptune-MC aspect with her father, that day. 

The baby of Lindy Chamberlain (born March 4, 1948) is supposed to have been killed by a dingo and taken away on August 17, 1980. But nobody at the time believed what the mother told them (dingo's were supposed to be nice doggies). The press was against her. In her birth chart the Sun is inconjunct Neptune. 

When he confessed a murder that he never committed, a man had transit Neptune square Sun (being seen in a negative light). In the natal chart Mercury is in conflict with Neptune.

Here is the link to a documentary about a Swedish couple falsely accused of sexual exploitation of their little girls: http://www.idfa.nl/industry/tags/project.aspx?id=2538129f-e7f2-4231-aa60-8d8215175d3a
(I wonder how much Neptune there was in their charts!)

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