Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quaoar and new worlds

This is the chart of Edward Shackleton, a courageous explorer and role model of a leader keeping his team together (and rescuing them). This Aquarian had Quaoar on his Descendant. The axis Ascendant-Descendant can be seen as 'your horizon' and Quaoar is on that spot: 'new worlds on the horizon'. His new worlds were icy cold and perhaps the Capricorn Ascendant likes it 'cool':). 
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Quaoar is a dwarf planet (like Pluto now) in the Kuiper Belt, named after a Tvonga deity of cretions (another name for Quaoar is Chiniqchinix). If Quaoar is prominent in your chart, creating and shaping new worlds, possibilities and realities is a key theme in your life. 

Here are some ideas about aspects with Quaoar, with examples. 
  • Sun-Quaoar
    When Quaoar is the first object rising before the Sun (the object that your finger meets when you move your finger clockwise over the chart, starting with the Sun), you are probably a person who finds more possibilities and perspective than others do. This enables you to 'shape your own life'.
    Difficult aspects between Sun and Quaoar could reflect the person who creates his own problems. I think of Dominique Strauss Kahn with Sun inconjunct Quaoar.
  • Moon-Quaoar
    President Obama has an aspect between Moon and Quaoar in the natal chart. This enables him to shape the emotional atmosphere and ...it gives the need to create new possibilities and realities. Unfortunately the aspect is a sesquisquare and that is frustrating him. This aspect might also mirror difficulties in adapting to new situations. Ernest Shackleton had Moon inconjunct Quaoar. 
  • Sun/Moon-Quaoar 
    Midpoint Sun/Moon in hard aspect with Quaoar is motivating strongly to create new perspectives. This urge to shape a 'new world' is present in the chart of David Cameron, the British PM. 
  • Mercury-Quaoar
    A beneficial aspect between Mercury and Quaoar could work out like in the chart of Steve Jobs (Mercury trine Quaoar) as 'creative ideas'. 
  • Venus-Quaoar
    First I had no examples for this combination that could make the world a better place, but then I remembered the song of Michael Jackson ('make the world a better place, for me and for you...lalalala'), who's chart has Venus in a narrow sextile with Quaoar. 

  • Mars-Quaoar
    How to shape competition? Mars afflicted by Quaoar is an aggressive drive to fight to create new realities. Ahmadinejad's chart has Mars semi square Quaoar. 
  • Ascendant-Quaoar
    Barack Obama has Ascendant trine Quaoar and he is the man of the new perspectives. Think of Shackleton's Quaoar on the Descendant, opposition Ascendant and how he explored new worlds. The Quaoar trine is much easier. It is the symbol for a man who sees the light sooner than others do. 
Quaoar is essential when this object is in a square, conjunction or opposition with midpoint Ascendant/MC or when there is an aspect with both Ascendant and Midheaven.

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