Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blood Moon written in red, pink and orange

Some see an eclipse as a bad sign. Yesterday I watched the movie Noah and that is in a way a movie about a person who believed the bad signs that he (and only he) saw. It was a movie with a colored vision of humanity divided in the good (obedient veggies) and bad (blood thirsty flesh eaters), with the good doing bad things, too. Anyway, 25 euro and a bucket of pop corn later I knew that the movie Noah would be part of my next post. I study astrology since I was 15 (and I won't tell you when that was!). I know that charts don't 'predict' but 'reflect'. So I also know that the upheaval about a blood moon is a sign reflecting the fear and unrest in society more than vice versa. And yes, I know that this eclipse is full and rather unique. Read NASA about it:

John Hagee is a conservative christian who 'predicted' fundamental change involving Israel in 2007. Nothing happened and now he gives 2014/2015. It sounds a bit like the Maya calendar prophecies of 2012 and indeed: there are a lot of such prophecies (see Exit Mundi ). This is the chart of his day of birth. Watch the present transit Saturn near inconjunct his Sun and read about the examples on this site: It isn't a happy transit.
Although it is a mistake to kill the messenger, it is right to have insight in the visions of a prophet, because what he thinks and what he says might have something to do with his personal ideas and maybe less with your reality. For example, he mentions the tetrades as related to the expulsion of the Spanish Jews, but not that the eclipses occurred AFTER that expulsion, so that it could hardly be called a prophetic eclipse. Yet, people choose to believe what he says. Watch the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune combination of fans, followers and religious beliefs.

I remember how I watched a not moving cloud before the moon on a summer night once. I was the only one interested, on that parking place. Nobody noticed, they watched their burger, their map or their children. In the days before electricity and TV, eclipses may have been spectacular. Today only those interested watch them. And apparently, mr. Hagee is one of them. So are a lot of astrologers. 
This full eclipse of April 15 will not be visible in Northern Europe or in Israel at all. Here is the chart for 'Blood moon' in Seoul.

I don't often write about eclipses (see the posts). This one is rare, says NASA and we are lucky to be able to see it (in America, for example). It is in the saros series 16 South and means 'wasted energy' according to Brady. The chart pictures a lot of nervous energy, like the tight Uranus-Pluto square and the combination of Mars, Eris and Saturn. The chart mirrors the worlds tension (Ukraine, Korea, Syria), but doesn't tell what we didn't know already. There is a threat of escalating aggression all over the world and it is hard for those in charge to avoid war at larger scale. Little we can do about it… 

We aren't Noah and my garden is too small for an ark. It also doesn't help to worry. Last week I felt completely powerless and sad when I found out that the care takers of the elderly home of my mother simply didn't give her her medication because it 'wasn't on a list' even though they knew her medical condition and history. I found out by accident that you can't feel safe and secure and content, ever. Yet, last night, in spite of the near full moon, I slept like a log for 12 hours and I woke up with pink cheeks. I wish you the same good nights sleep and a happy Pink /orange Moon!

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