Monday, July 28, 2014

100 years ago World War I started

One hundred years ago today, World War I started when Austria declared war at Servia. Here is the chart of that day (chosen time is noon) with the positions in the sky on November 11, 1918 (when the cease fire ended the tragic years). There is one aspect that I want to mention here: the narrow Saturn-Eris, twice.

When WW1 started, Saturn was square Eris.
When WW2 ended (cease fire), Saturn was inconjunct Eris.

Eris is the symbol of discord. Saturn is the symbol of status quo and decorum. On July 28, 1914 there was an official status of discord (war) and on November 11, 1918, there was an official status of cease fire (inconjunct Eris).

A war doesn't start just like that. The declaration of war doesn't come out of the blue. The murder committed by Princip triggered an already unstable situation. But the official start was today, one hundred years ago. After that: 16 million dead, 20 million wounded.

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