Monday, July 7, 2014

Chart of Harrison Ford's broken leg

Harrison Ford fell and broke his left leg on June 11, 2014.  It is a way to wish an actor good luck when you say ‘break a leg’, but generally it is not meant to happen. Let’s see if his chart is in line with the event.
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There are a number of transits and some of them look like ‘breaking a leg’, but most are not exact on the day of the accident. The transits and progressions warned for being hasty, for working too hard and for minding the footsteps, but he didn't have to break a leg, as far as his chart was concerned. The situation helped. Or, do YOU have more indications than mentioned in this list:

Transit Saturn (transit in 2) square Mars was exact on June 4 (working too hard, perhaps)
Transit Mercury square Ascendant (on June 4, too); risk of mistakes (where is your head?)
Transit Node conjunct progressed Moon in VI (orb 30’) (group event)

Midpoint Progressed Sun and progressed Mars conjunct Ascendant (if 1.95d)
And if the Ascendant 4d, progressed Mars conjunct Ascendant (showing the risk of injuries)

More exact were:
Transit Venus ruler 1 square Mars (passion)
Transit Neptune conjunct cusp VI and trine Jupiter (stumbling over the doorstep of the house of illnesses, but getting help)
Transit Jupiter conjunct natal Moon (popularity, feeling great)
Transit Saturn trine progressed Moon in the days after (modesty, dealing with limitations)

The progressed Sun moving to the next sign (Libra) within a month, tells us that his life style is changing in this period.

Mind if I add transit Pholus (point of no return, shooting own foot) inconjunct ruler 10 in 10, the Moon, so: a turning point with a loss or having to give up on public activity? That forced him to give up and give in for a while.

What do these transits and progressions tell us? He is in a period of change to ‘another way of life’ and also in a period of risking injuries (an active period, perhaps doing it too fast, too soon). Saturn-Mars blocks energy and action (being tired).  Neptune over the door step of the house of illnesses and daily matters might stumble and fall. The trine with Jupiter helps to heal and so do the transits with Moon and progressed Moon. In fact, they increase his popularity and help him gain respect. 

So there is pain, and risks of injury but there is also passion, popularity and lots of action. It sounds like the main character in one of his movies! 

As transit Saturn will be back in the first half of September, this is not the end of the blockade of Mars (energy and activities), not yet. Later (second half of October) there is more help coming from his most prominent planet Jupiter.

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