Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Angry women and Eris; solar transits

I had transit Sun square natal Eris one day. For the first time I wanted to know how that aspect would present itself and payed attention to what happened related to 'discord'. Well, first I watched a so called 'fitty' on the internet. One woman for example said 'your dog has a nice nose' and when a man intervened and said 'Ladies, please', the other one answered;"Ladies? Seen that picture?" It sounded like Eris. Later that day I met her in person:).

Next time that transit Sun is in hard aspect with my Eris, I will surround myself with men only. However, as Eris is the symbol of discord in general and pops up in the charts of war events, I get the idea that Eris is not ladylike at all and sometimes disguised as a male warrior.

The transits of the Sun go bye and repeat and repeat until you are old enough to say: so what? The Eris that you meet on a Sun-Eris day is only important on that one day, unless you make her more important than she is. She is here for some discord. Play with her and stay on the sunny side.

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