Sunday, November 9, 2014

The many happy moments in a year

Heavy transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are most often long felt. Happy transits of Venus don't last long, but may have a long lasting effect when you realize that there are many of such transits. They happen more often than the transits of the slow planets. I just calculate mine for 2015 and I had more than 20 (!) happy transits of Venus (and Jupiter) in one year! And than I didn't count the solar transits (transit Sun conjunct or trine or... Venus or Jupiter). Long term progressions with Venus or Jupiter may be rare, but there is always the joy of the little things in life.

Right now, Venus is in Scorpio and that is a comfort and a joy for those who have the (progressed or natal) Sun, Ascendant, Moon or Midheaven in Scorpio, especially when the placement is in the same degree as Venus is right now.

And how about Jupiter in the 21-23 degree of Leo in November? Transit Jupiter may not always be generous with the kind of help that you want, but at least transits of Jupiter protect a person from more evil. There is always protection or good advice, a remedy or a something else that makes you more positive and happy than you were before. The Scorpio of November 13 has a solar return with Jupiter conjunct Sun, to guide him or her through the year. It is a positive starter!

In times of trouble the passage of Venus may be nothing more than comforting words or caress or a hot cup of tea that makes you feel better, for a while. It is a pleasure to have a transit of Venus when you go to the hair dresser or beautician, but you'll have to come back one day. Transits of Venus symbolize the 'mitigating factors' while transits of Jupiter symbolize the more profound helping factors. Jupiter helps, even when you are a dog. Recent observation: a homeless dog found a boss with transit Jupiter conjunct her Sun (born August 11, 2006, found a boss in the second half of  October, 2014!). On the other hand, I experienced transit Jupiter on my Midheaven twice when I became the owner of a new car. It is about improving conditions/status and contentment, even in bad times*).

All that it takes to fully enjoy the beneficial effect of transits of Jupiter and Venus is: to be aware of little things that make you happy and count your blessings.

Astrology, like statistics never works the other way. Sometimes nothing seems to have happened. Jupiter and Venus aren't Santa or Fairy Godmother. Their transits over your chart are just symbols for being ready for the theme of happiness and joy, even it that comes in the shape of a big fat ice cream or a tasting meal. But you CAN use the ephemeris and plan your party or wedding or celebration on those happy moments in a year. The transits of Venus and Jupiter, however, could also symbolize gaining weight after an overdose of fat and sugar, so be warned:).

Happy moments are to be cherished and remembered, because they help you get trough times of horror, death, illness and loneliness. So, even in dark hours, celebrate and remember life's happy moments. The transits of Venus and Jupiter offer an opportunity to do so.  There are plenty of those moments in a year. Just check the ephemeris!

*)  Recently a family member passed away with transit Jupiter on his AC/MC midpoint as if he was guided on 'the last voyage'.

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