Sunday, January 4, 2015

Darts and astrology

I am not a darts fan, even though throwing arrows would fit my sun sign. But as my husband likes it, I see a lot of it. Yesterday I saw Michael van Gerwen against Garry Anderson and a part of Phil Taylor against Raymond van Barneveld. Of course I checked their birth data, transits and progressions, even though there are no known hours of birth. The astrological situation of Michael van Gerwen was clearly nasty and he looked tired and sad. His day of birth is April 25, 1989. His progressed Sun entered Gemini this year and the planet of blockades, Saturn, entered Sagittarius on December 24. That is an opposition. To make it even worse, progressed Mars was exactly opposite his natal Saturn. To finish it, transit Pluto joined his natal Saturn and was opposite his progressed Mars as well. More than 3 difficult aspects to symbolize difficulties in real life were enough, even though he made it to the semi finals. And I don't even know what kind of transits and progressions there were for the Moon, MC or Ascendant! He had bad bad luck.

His fellow country man Barney (Raymond van Barneveld) didn't make it to the finals, either. He was born April 20, 1967 and had transit Mars square Neptune. He was very tired, too.

Phil Taylor had transit Pluto and Uranus in aspect with progressed Sun, so it wasn't easy for him and there was a lot of stress. However, transit Mars sextile Jupiter and Jupiter himself on his natal Sun are a big big help. He might be the champion. Don't bet on it (I don't know his Ascendant, MC or Moon!). 

Garry Anderson (December 22, 1970) will see progressed Sun-Saturn next year. Stressful Pluto is for now. The fact that he won was more related to the nasty positions in Van Gerwen's chart than to happy transits in his. But again, no hour of birth, and the fact that the future changes while I am writing. Speaking of darts, have you ever read that post on the Arrow of time? 

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Anderson won! Jupiter didn't help enough:)