Monday, June 15, 2015

Ana Cristina (Astrologicamente) died

In 2008, in September,  I went to Lisbon. There was a workshop 'Vocations' with Noel Tyl, very well organized by  Ana Cristina Corrêa Mendes.  She published an interview with Noel Tyl in June 2008:, she took care of the bookings and in the evening she took us, the participants, to a real Portugese restaurant for a local dinner. I wrote about the workshop and the splendid job that she did at the time and said:'Obrigada!'

Ana Cristina had a blog (Astrologicamente) and the last entry was in August 2013. Now I hear that she died last March, after a period of severe illness. One of the workshop participants was Antonio Rosa, author of the blog Cova do Urso. He (born 1949) died in December of 2014.

On his site Nova Lis there is a text written by Ana Cristina where she says that astrology is helping people  by using the horoscope as a fantastic mirror,  as the individual road map that you can go.
Ana Cristina has gone, too soon, just like Antonio Rosa. I met them in September 2008 and now they have died. They will be missed.

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