Monday, June 29, 2015

Europe and Euro today

Heavy transits are tormenting the charts of the Euro and Europe (Treaty of Rome)! The problems with Greece are being reflected by the astrological situation:
1 Saturn is semi square Pluto points at boomerang effects and frustrating setbacks of values (Euro goes down)
2 Saturn in Scorpio is inconjunct the Midheavens of Euro and Europe, in ths final degree of Gemini. As Saturn is Retrograde, this aspect will come back!
3 Pluto is quindecile the MCs of Euro and Europe, stressing the markets to a point of obsession

In the progressed chart we see Sun conjunct Venus as a sign of peace and harmony while the inconjunct of Saturn shows the end of a period and lost status. For some reason it is hard to post 2015 pictures, so:

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