Thursday, June 25, 2015

Michael Jackson's chart and the day of death

In 2008 I wrote about the chart of Michael Jackson and mentioned that 23:55 was my favorite hour of birth for the pop star. Now it's 7 years later. Meanwhile I learned about Pholus. Today I noticed the alternative data on Astrodatabank (19:33) coming from Charkrapani Ullal, a Vedic astrologer. Both hours of birth (23:55 and 19:33) show the pattern of artistic talent. Also, the Pisces Moon and Saturn have important positions, either angular or elevated, in both natal charts. While the 19:33 chart has an MC in aspect with Moon, Venus and Neptune, the 23:55 has Moon, Venus and Neptune connected with minor aspects and Venus opposition MC.  Moon is in Pisces. I'll tell you why I think that 19:33 is the right hour. It is because of Pholus on the day of death.

The Ascendant for 19:33 hours is 10:07 Pisces. On the day of his death we see relevant transits and progressions:
1.transit Pholus (symbol of the point of no return) was 10:05 Sagittarius Retrograde. That is an exact square with the Ascendant.
2. midpoint Sun/Moon at 10:31 Sagittarius in an almost exact conjunction with transit Pholus for a turning point in motivations.
3.  the Progressed Midheaven had recently been inconjunct the natal Sun. This mirrors an unhealthy status.
4. the Progressed Sun had been sesquisquare the Ascendant for a frustrating unhealthy situation.
5. transit Chiron was trine progressed Sun to show that healing was needed.
6. the progressed chart has Pholus close to Midheaven.
7. progressed Jupiter ruler 8 at 8Sc34 is almost square natal Pholus
8. transit Lillith semisextile Saturn

Here is the chart of 19:33 with the transits and progressions of the day of death, June 25, 2008
Still, I think it is rather amazing that there is no hard indication for danger of death, and that Pholus keeps coming back 4 times. Pholus is also the symbol of venom and shooting your own feet. That seems to be valid, even if your feet are dancing feet and even if you can dance the Moon Walk.


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Unknown said...

Chakrapani Ullal is a third generation vedic astrologer. If he says that is the birth time, then I would reckon it is!