Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Football with Neptune, like the Titanic sinking

Yesterday, the Dutch football team failed in many ways. They are out! It is interesting that this happens with a lot of Neptune in the charts involved (posted below):

1.    Danny Blind (coach) has a progressed Sun trine Jupiter (so maybe he keeps his job), but  transit Neptune is also inconjunct his natal Sun.
2.    The chart of the Netherlands has transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun (and progressed Sun trine Saturn). Though the economy is getting better, this result and the high number of refugees have a negative influence. There is also transit Uranus inconjunct the progressed Midheaven (a number of incidents disturbing the status quo).
3.    Yesterday, transit Sun was conjunct Neptune in the Dutch national chart. Transits of the Sun color your day. Neptune is often the sign of deception.
4.    Robin van Persie, who shot the ball passed his own keeper, has transit Neptune opposite his Mercury now (for miscommunications), AND transit Pluto inconjunct Sun (for stress).
5.    Wesley Sneijder: transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Mercury (wrong communications with a loss involved) and transit Uranus square progressed Sun (making him nervous)

Such a lot of Neptune leads a national team into the mist or maybe more like the Titanic sinking (the ship sank with Neptune inconjunct Ascendant).

Or was the Czech Republic better?:)

Here are the charts. 


CTR + Tap or click in the chart, open new window and maximize the size!

 PS for those interested in declinations: the Dutch progressed Moon is now at 0°41'23" N

about Zero Degree declination In that post I ask the question:
Could it just be, that the Zero Degreee Declination of the Moon refers to a critical and not so controllable point?

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