Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chart Johan Cruyff today

On Astropost you can find the reading of the chart of Johan Cruyff: that I published when he became 65. Today there is a less pleasant message about him. He is seriously ill (lung cancer, they say). In the chart with progressions and transits you see a number of aspects, but I want a point at one of them, because this aspect relates to what is going on, strongly.

Transit Saturn, ruler of his 6th house of illness, is opposite the midpoint Sun/Moon in Gemini (the sign of the lungs). Here is the chart:
There is also the progressed Sun almost square Mars and semi square Ascendant, Progressed Ascendant inconjunct Midheaven and Pholus opposite progressed Venus in Gemini. Progressed Mars in Gemini had an opposition of Saturn earlier this month. 

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