Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Twin stories and astrology

Twins are interesting objects for the study of astrology (and more). Recently I watched a documentary about twins and learned that the sooner the early cell splits, the less the twins will be alike. If later, there can be a ‘mirrored’ twin and if the separation starts too late, there is a Siamese twin. Here on Astropost you may find a few articles about twins (see the links, below). This times I’ll give you miscellaneous news about twins along with some astrology.

1. The BBC mentioned a new claim for the Guinness Book of Records, made by a twin born in two different countries (both part of the UK). The date was September 23, 1976. The first girl was born at 9:00 GMT in Powys hospital, her sister in Shorpshire (Wales) at 10:45:20 a.m. (It seems that they sent the mother back home too soonJ)

The first girl (Heidi) has an Ascendant in the 21st degree of Libra.
The second one’s Ascendant is in the 9th degree of Scorpio. Her name is Jo. As ‘surprise’ is part of her delivery, Uranus was in aspect with both her Ascendant  (square) and MC (quintile).

2. Last May, the 103 year old twin sisters Glenys and Florence Davies died. They were born in the some region, in a place called Abertridwr (…) on November 22, 1911. Glenys died April 23, Florence May 20. They died with Sun square Mars in their progressed charts. On April 23 Jupiter (the planet of the voyages) was with Venus and progressed Venus. On May 20 there is a Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn combination. Jupiter, in their birth charts, was rising before their sun.

One thing is certain: twins aren't usually exact time twins. For more about them, click here And if you want to study twins, here is a list of famous ones on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_twins

BBC January 19, 2016 ‘Powys twins claim Wales-England birth world record”: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-mid-wales-35345649 

Abou the Davies twins:


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