Wednesday, January 2, 2008

who had surgery these days...

With transit Jupiter inconjunct Mars and transit Pluto trine the progressed Sun, Paul McCartney (born 18th June 1942 in Liverpool at 0h30 or 14.00 hours) had surgery (angioplastics). In his birth chart for 0h30 Paul has Neptune in the sixth house in a tight square with tge Sun. Lately Paul was in the news regarding his divorce. Click for more about that, including the chart drawing....

In the 0h30 chart transit Mars would now oppose his Progressed MC. Mars is ruler of the 1st house in this chart.

In the progressed chart of the 14.00 hours alternative the MC is close to Neptune,dispositor of the sixth house of health. Also, if the 14.00 hours chart is correct, transit Uranus is inconjunct his natal ascendant. Uranus is in his 8th natal house. You may choose:)

PS dated 21st January 2008: Paul McCartney wrote a public letter to explain that his surgery was just a test for a minor irregularity. That is in favour of the 14.00 hours chart, as Neptune is the media (exagerating, acc. to Paul) making news (Uranus) about his health (6th and Ascendant).

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