Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alan Turing, the chart of a genius

June is the month of birth and death of Alan Turing. His name was mentioned in a lecture about cryptanalysis and I quickly noted it. Here is his chart. Several sources mention this day, place and hour of birth.


Alan Turing was a mathematician, logician and cryptanalyst. We owe him a lot because he broke German ciphers during WWII using the Enigma machine, one of the first steps to computers. However, there was no gratitude of the authorities, since they prosecuted him for being homosexual. His death is named suicidal but his family doubts that. It could have been accidental death because he died after consuming a poisoned apple...Or did he know too much?
(Unnatural death cause might be reflected by the minor aspects between Mars and Saturn (75 degrees) and between Mars and Pluto (semi square). Minor aspects are sometimes of great importance. They reveal obscure aspects. Find out more about that on this blog...*)

Posthumous recognition came in 1966. There is now an annual Turing Award given by the Association for Computing Machinery.

PALLAS, JUPITER AND URANUS (inventive patterns)
Turing had Pallas conjunct IC, Uranus on Midheaven and Jupiter on the Descendant. Pluto was rising before the Sun, conjunct Venus and the Sun was inconjunct Midheaven. The prominence of Pallas refers to the prominence of PATTERNS (...). Uranus with Midheaven is not only for being controversial in a disproportionate way (inconjunct Sun). Uranus also refers to techniques and mathematics. Mathematical patterns were of crucial importance.
Turing was inventive. He is one of the persons who founded a basis for computer technology. Jupiter and Uranus (symbols of the inventive mind) are angular, with Pallas...That means that he is inventive in finding patterns.

He had an orientation on Pluto-related affairs: money, influence, power, politics, danger, cases of life and death and sexuality, strongly going together with the earning money and intense sympathies and desires. Venus and Pluto are semi sextile Saturn, reflecting a possible disadvantage regarding the axis of money and love-sex nature. He had to undergo cruel chemical castration as a sort of a punishment for being gay; otherwise he had to go to jail! That was in the year before he died, in 1954.

It takes a lot of prominent planets to become prominent. Alan Turing had six 'calling' planets (planets with no aspect within 5 degrees and within sign):

Sun without major aspects
Mercury without major aspects
Jupiter without major aspects and conjunct Descendant
Saturn without major aspects
Uranus without major aspects and conjunct Midheaven
Neptune without major aspects

Those are 6 out of 10 planets! This offers many chances and abilities. Jupiter and Uranus are the most important planets. So is Pluto (because Pluto rises before the Sun). Just like in the chart of Igor Stravinsky (see my blog Art&Astrology, the prominence of the Uranus-Pluto combination lead to an arrest.

There are two inconjunctions: Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter for exaggerating facts. The Sun is inconjunct Uranus for being controversial (different from the rest) in a disproportionate way. Inconjunctions refer to 'lost'. The lost of a dear friend in 1930 (with Venus inconjunct MC in the progressed chart) hurt him deeply. Inconjunctions also refer to a 'but...'. The Mercury-Jupiter combination involves successful communication. But...the inconjunction tells us that he talked too much or...knew too much, just as the title of the book about him (written by David Leavitt) mentions...

PS MC is 157.5 degrees from Neptune/Pluto, Sun is conjunct Pluto (out of sign) and half semi square Neptune. The Neptune/Pluto combination reflects the theme of the silent force, hidden power and the dangerous secrets that is often found in the charts of magicians, and of detectives, too. Neptune/Pluto forces to be discrete. Click to find out more about that...

*) Minor aspects, major impact...



Astromarkt said...

Yesterday (September 10,2009) I mentioned the name of Alan Turing in a post about Dutroux and related to the Neptune-Pluto effect (keeping secrets). Today I read that there finally will be official apologies for the way Alan Turing has been prosecuted for being gay.

Read it here (copy and past the address):

Astromarkt said...

In Turing's chart Sun is conjunct Pluto (out of sign) and Pluto is the oriental planet (so Pluto is important).
Transit Pluto is still opposition his natal Sun now. This transit has a stronger effect on his chart than on others (because of the natal aspect and the prominence of Pluto). Pluto is the symbol of values. Rehabilitation - by others, opposition - (recognising his value again) is one of the possible meanings of this transit.