Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bias in a chart

Are you more objective or more biased? Do you have your preferences and do these preferences have negative consequences for those who are ‘not part of it’ or ‘not your kind of people’? Are you partisan and excluding all others? Where is the bias in your chart? See the how's, why's, pro's and contra's of bias and the indications in the chart. Why not ask yourself the question: am I biased? And is it bad? 
Continue for an explanation and for the signs of bias. This post used to be on Astromarkt before and moved today.

Biased people are those who help and support 'their own folks' in an extreme way. They will be tolerant and smile about the mistakes of their loved ones. But they won't ever tolerate any mistake of the 'outsider'. When an outsider commits a crime it is almost alwasy ' a capital crime'. When it is an insider the same person was the 'victim of circumstances'. The working of the mind of a biased person has been studied by Dr. Drew Westen, a psychologist at Emory. All of the politicians in his study had 'biased brains'…And that is logical, when you consider the idea of political parties. But it is not always smart.

Bias is in almost all of us. It is getting annoying when others suffer from it. Like in a football match with a biased referee. Or when you are the less popular pupil. Bias is getting dangerous when people in prominent positions (judges, government) are biased, especially in a violent society. And bias doesn't help when you have gave your money to that sympathic member of your church, club or party (in order to keep it and make it grow) when that person is in fact a fraud (but your kind of person...:(?@#

Bias is functional. When a group of people is united the group is stronger. That is how you manage to get things done. That is why people are part of a group, a union, a party… It is only human to favour those persons that you are committed to. That is why we all are in favour of the national football team. That is why we help a family member, but not a stranger when he needs a place to stay. Your own children benefit most of your bias. Who else would you give so much money and presents? 

You can use bias by taking advantage of your position as a member of an organisation, family or group. Think of the most beloved child in the family and how the interaction between parent and child will be. Their relationship will become stronger and stronger, because they keep supporting each other, no matter what.

Bias is often injustice. You belong to the right group of people, or you do not and that has consequences for you. Bias however is sometimes not very handy for the biased person. For example, when they instantly believe the word of the nice person that belongs to their 'kind of people'. Think about fraud, abuse in church, commissionaires in enterprises and cheating lovers. Famous people and people with a high rank in society can abuse bias. Their best victims are the biased ones. Being biased is: first to look at the shape and than to look for the contents. The not so beloved child in the family will be jealous and insecure and feel unwanted if another child is 'number one'. The competition in the family might end up in fighting and separation.

The pitfall of bias is prejudice. Discriminating is making a difference without good reason. It is not discrimation when you fear a group of armed and dangerous persons, of course. When it walks like a know...When you are really biased you will be discriminating and judge those with other backgrounds, religions, colours or sexual preferences differently (and harder) than the ones you ‘belong to’…and see them in a negative light just because they don't belong to your kind of people. It is very human to discriminate or else it wouldn't be done all over the world. Perhaps it is in our genes to be cautious and to beware of 'strangers'. It is also being cultivated by certain groups who need restrictions in contacts with others (or else the group could fall apart). Fear is a good reason for negative bias.


To be biased you need more than 1 of the next indications in your natal chart. More of them make you more biased.

Lots of water, specifically in Cancer (emotional involvement);

Sun conjunct Moon (being concerned about what is ‘your own and just like you’)

Sun conjunct Mercury (subjective, judgement close to your own world)

Moon aspecting Mercury (judgement in connection to group- or personal interests)

Moon in aspect with Jupiter (advantages of descent, spoiling your children, popularity linked to success, believing in your own group or family, being supported and popular). Lots of politicians have this aspect. They can't be chosen if they aren't popular.

Moon in aspect with Pluto (sometimes even though you have problems with your people, family or country you defend them and are intensively involved). This is an aspect for getting problems with involvement or for being stronger because of the support of family or group. Submission (you or the others) is part of it.

Venus in aspect with Pluto (strong up to extreme sympathies and antipathies, wanting lots of luxury in life, beauty = power). To make it short: a problematic judgement or having difficulties in making choices.

Finally you tend to favour those with the moon in your sign of the moon because you feel close to them. The child that has the same moon sign could be your favourite…

Most of us sometimes benefit or not or help others, or not. Often we do or don't because of preferences. Charts show us if it is a trend. When you are a professional and bias matters, it is even more important to know if you have a tendency to be biased, more than others have and think about it before you decide who to grant a Xmas bonus and who not... And please don't worry: bias is human because bias helps us to succeed in teamwork. That explains why there are so many biased managers, too!:)


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