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Zero Aries (Aries Point)

Soon Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct the first degree of the Zodiac, nick named Zero Aries. It should be Uno Aries, unless you consider the final degree of Pisces to be conjunct Zero Aries, too. Zero Aries or Aries Point is supposed to be the degree that shows you how you are 'known' or what you are known for and how you interface with those outside of your social circle/family. That is said, but is it true? This post offers some material for your study and gives examples. Continue if you are interested..

What is Aries Point?
Aries Point is nothing more or less than the 0dAries (and when using midpoints all aspects in a range of 45d made with 0dAries). Zero Aries is the starting point of the Zodiac, spring time! The sun is on Zero Aries around the 21st of March. So what is the first thing people remember or think when they see you or mention you? That might be indicated by Zero Aries.

Celebrities are good ‘material’ to check if it is true that Zero Aries signifies whyand whatpeople know about you. I gathered some material for you to decide if Zero Aries is a valuable point in the chart. Continue to see it...

Zero Aries is one more point in the chart that indicates your role in society, just like Nodes, Ascendant and MC. Zero Aries is also very handy for in case that there is no birth time! Everybody has a Zero Aries, even if there is no planet there.
See the examples...Here is more about the meaning of a hard aspect with Aries Point. If you have any planet or light in about (2 dg orb) 45, 90, 135 or 180 degrees from Aries Point, continue. Also check midpoint combinations with Zero Aries.


SUN ON ZERO ARIES (to be famous or notorious, to draw attention):

Tony Blair, Marc Dutroux, Jomanda (well known Dutch so called healing medium), Prince William (a square).

MOON ON ARIES POINT (for being popular): 
Cliff Richard and Hillary Clinton who has Mars, Pluto and Moon on Zero Aries

MERCURY ON ZERO ARIES (to serve? or to be a messenger)
Nelson Mandela has Mercury and Saturn on Aries Point
Mother Theresa had Mercury on Venus/Nodes, Saturn/Nodes, Mars/Jupiter

Question: Would we expect Mercury to be ‘prominent on Aries point’ in the charts of these ‘icons’? Are Mandela and Mother Theresa 'messengers'? Uhmmm....

VENUS ON ZERO ARIES (to be loved or ethical or a peacemaker)
- Pope John Paul II (Venus on MC/Vulcanus, Saturn/Vulcanus, Mars/Ascendant)
- Pierre Cardin (with Neptune…, a perfect combination of prominent artistic talent)
- Sjimon Peres

MARS ON ZERO ARIES (to be a fighter)

Pope Benedict 16th: Mars on Zero Aries Point
Madonna (on Jupiter/MC a.o.)
Hillary Clinton has Mars. Pluto on Aries Point

JUPITER (to be a success, or a very nasty doctor?)

Wilson Pickett: Jupiter on Aries Point
Mengele: Jupiter on Neptune/MC related to Zero Aries
Gudrun Ensslin (female German terrorist), with Saturn

SATURN (to rule a group of people, to be responsible)

A lot of celebrities in my databank have Saturn on Aries Point.

Dutch Queen Beatrix Saturn in Aries = Pluto/Nodes. She is considered to be very efficient and more conventional then her mother was. Pluto/Nodes refers to being powerful or having influence in. Would Pluto/Nodes mean ‘inheritance’ I wonder? Or is it Saturn?

Gudrun Ensslin (German terrorist), Saturn and Jupiter on Mars/Pluto, Uranus/Pluto and Uranus/MC = Zero Aries. This looks appliant. Saturn combined with Mars and Pluto is unnatural death (of yourself or caused by yourself) and Urnaus adds revolt.

Christina Onassis, Saturn in Libra = Venus/Uranus=Uranus/Nodes=Mercury/Nodes
Has not she died recently? Had nasty marriages. Known for her FATHER, and Saturn is about fathers. And inheritance?.

Koresh, Saturn in Capricorn on Sun/Mercury and Merc./Jupiter, Moon/Uranus, Venus/Asc and Venus/MC and Mars/Ascendant
We know how he ended...Maybe people saw him as the father of the group? But don’t we know him primairy as the man that caused the death of so many? His Mars semisquares Saturn/Pluto midpoint…See Gudrun Ensslin above.

Jomanda (well known Dutch so called healing medium) Saturn in Leo on Moon/Venus, Moon/Jupiter, Pluto/MC but also: the Sun!
She wanted to be a ballet dancer, married a dance school owner, divorced and started to 'pass through messages' and 'beam in water to make it heal you', dressed in blue like a virgin Mary. Recently she was found not guilty in the case of the death of a media personality who chose to be 'treated' by Jomanda and not to see the doctor when she found out that she had breast cancer.

Saddam Hussein had Saturn exactly at Zero Aries…And Saturn opposes the midpoint Mars/Pluto…(See Koresh/Ensslin).

Ryan O’Neal
Saturn on Moon/Venus = Zero Aries

Mary J. Bligh (11th of january 1971)
Saturn on Mercury/Pluto.

Nelson Mandela
Mercury conjunct Saturn, both on Aries Point

Why is that? Saturn on Zero Aries obviously makes a person the eldest child (and heir) or the most responsable (governer), the one that others allow to take control in their lifes (like Koresh, Jomanda).


  • Chopin had Uranus on the midpoints Sun/Jupiter, Jupiter/MC and Node/Ascendant

  • Churchill had Uranus on Saturn/Pluto, Sun/Jupiter and Ascendant/MC (like Amachi)

NEPTUNE ON ZERO ARIES (to be in coma, or in the media?)

  • Terry Schiavo and her husband both haveNeptune on Aries Point. She had it on Venus/Mars, Mercury/Venus
  • Henry Kissinger has it.
  • Charles Bronson has Neptune on Zero Aries, too, so does 
  • Christopher Lee and 
  • Doris Day (if you take 2 d orb) and 
  • Pierre Cardin (with Venus…)

PLUTO ON ZERO ARIES (to be influential and strong)

  • Hillary Clinton has Mars, Pluto and Moon on Zero Aries!
  • Niki Lauda has Pluto on Zero Aries = Mars/Jupiter
  • Lance Armstrong

NODES ON ZERO ARIES (related to a large group of people)

  • Theo van Gogh (murdered director) Nodes and Cheiron on Venus/Uranus and... Uranus/Pluto
  • Monica Lewinski Node = Zero Aries = …Sun/Neptune; she was involved in the public scandal (Neptune) of her boss (Sun).


La Streisand:
Jupiter/Ascendant (closest)

Doris Day

John Glenn
Mars/Uranus, Venus/Mars, Saturn/Pluto, Sun/MC, Mercury/Saturn

John Lennon
Moon/Venus aspecting Aries Point: Moon/Venus is for art

Leonardo da Vinci
Sun/Venus is the first midpoint aspecting Aries Point; Sun/Venus for art

Charles Darwin
Pluto/Ascendant, Sun/Nodes, Nodes/MC, Mars/Saturn, Mars/Neptune

Abraham Lincoln
Moon/Saturn, Mars/Saturn, Uranus /Ascendant (Mars/Saturn might refer to his public death)

Edgar Allen Poe
Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Saturn, Mars/Pluto (thinking of unnatural death)

John F. Kennedy
Sun/MC, Moon/Nodes, Venus/Nodes (nothing about his death, more about being popular)

Nancy Reagan
Venus/MC, Mercury/Jupiter, Mars/Saturn

Ronald Reagan
Mars/Pluto, Sun/Node, Jupiter/Node (use of power)

Billy Carter
Mars/Pluto, Saturn/Ascendant, Mercury/Nodes (use of power)

It would have been nice to see all politicians with a Pluto or Saturn related to Aries Point, but it is not so. Zero Aries seems to be just one of the indications in a chart and not THE key indication for the public function or for 'being known because of'. At least, that is what I think of it.


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