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The chart of Hugo Chavez

This post is about the chart of Hugo Chavez, his progressed Sun changing sign with Pluto inconjunct Sun and the recent lunar eclipse square his progressed Sun. Time for a change?

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez was born 28th July 1954 in Sabaneta, first - in 2006 - said to be born at 2:30 a.m. (according to astrologydatabase and anastrologersperspective) and now DD rated (very uncertain) at 4.00 a.m., also by Astrodatabank. In this chart Eris is elevated and Eris is the goddess of discord:). That is funny, but the progressions for the day that he became President (February 2, 1999) don't reflect the event and that is why I strongly doubt that he was really born at 4 a.m. That is why I won't use this hour of birth and stick to the planets and the aspects. 

CHAVEZ TODAY: forced changes
DD-rated chart with progressions and transits
Today, his progressed Sunsign is about to change and in the final degree of Virgo. The change of the progressive sunsign will change his life and lifestyle soon. Coincidently the progressed Sun is square the recent lunar eclipse in the final degree of Gemini. Also progressed Pluto is inconjunct natal Sun. 
All that won't help to maintain a position of authority and is reflecting forced changes. The opposition won, but he managed to control them by restricting freedom of speech, the internet and the power of the parliament. For how long?

But, how did he get 'up there'? What in his chart shows that he is the number 1 of Venezuela? It is hard to say without a proper time of birth, but we can see the political mind (Mercury, Saturn, Pluto), the support that he got (Moon-Jupiter) and the controversial rebel that he is (Uranus rising before the Sun). And of course, he is a Leo with Sun square Saturn. The Leo/Saturn and Leo/Capricorn combination is for ambitious persons. Continue for more...

He is a Leo, o.k. Leo's like to lead. He has Uranus rising before the Sun and inconjunct Mars for a very very short fuse. But, he has the Moon conjunct Jupiter if he was born at 4 and that would explain his popularity. He also has communication talents (Mercury sextile Venus and conjunct Jupiter). In short: a successful revolutionary guy. It is a pity that he wants to manage it all alone, like dictators do. That is the Sun square Saturn.

Chavez has lots of placements in watersign, 50%. A.o. the Moon in Cancer, conjunct Jupiter and Mercury, showing that he is a rather compromised and biased but also a very succesfull person. He is very good in communicating with his public: he is a populist. The beneficial Moon, Jupiter and Mercury are related to the Northern Node: groups and communities. His success helps a large group of persons (and that also makes him a so called populist). There is another side, however: those who do not belong to his group are excluided. The Moon in Cancer feels close to those who belong to the family or group.
Chavez is first of all a rebel and a controversial person. Uranus is badly aspected and oriental (rising before the Sun). Uranus is inconjunct Mars and Mars is trine Pluto. The combination of Mars, Uranus and Pluto points at radicalism (immediate and impulsive action; wanting to make immediate changes). Uranus-Pluto often is reflecting the risk of  an arrest (and he has been arrested once). Also Sun square to Saturn not seldom this means (temporarily) limitations due to health issues or detention or other limitations. In 1992 Chavez was in prison after a failed attempt to take over the gouvernment by force. In 2002 his enemies put him in prison again.

Chavez has Moon conjunct Jupiter and Saturn square the midpoint of Mercury/Pluto. It is the combination of support of the people (being popular) and a strategic political mind that is so frequent in the charts of Amercian Presidents, too. It is a combination for a President or any politician with success.

OK, he is a succesfull rebel, biassed and concerned about 'his folks', wanting to make the world a better place after serious and hard experiences. Life hardened him with Sun square Saturn.

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