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Larry King's transits for the final show

Larry King had his final show yesterday with about 10 progressions and transits telling us that he wants to relax, that there is a change in position and that he is breaking free, and more...There was a 'Larry King Live' from June 3, 1985. How difficult this must be for him…Larry King has the midpoint Sun/Moon sesquisquare Uranus. That means that he is very much motivated by what is new, like for example: news…

With AC/MC in hard aspect with Neptune, he might remain a myth. So it will be difficult for Piers Morgan to compare with the memory of Larry King. There is a strong connection between their charts, of course: there a strong connection between what they do*).
Here is more about the 10 indications in the transits and progressions. And a PS about his seven women.

Larry King stopped his shows at age 76. He started them in 1985, when the progressed Midheaven changed sign. When you end such a career on television, you would expect important transits and progression. Larry King stopped and there are about 10 transits and progressions! The first four of this list show us that he wants to relax, that there is a change in position and that he is breaking free.

  • Progressed Sun is conjunct progressed Venus
That is a very nice and important resonation of life in luxury and having a break, together with your loved ones. Rest and quiete, that is what he wants and that is what he gets:) With progressed Sun in aspect with Venus you may expect a wish to come true or life style changing the good way....
  • Progressed Midheaven opposition progressed Pluto
This progression is still growing and reflecting a transformation in status and conditions.
  • Transit Saturn trine progressed Sun
When a period in life is ending, there is often a transit of Saturn. When the aspect is harmonious it is an easy or voluntary end and they show you respect.
Saturn will soon be square is not easy to say goodbye...Progressed Ascendant is also square natal Saturn. This double Saturn-Ascendant might cause some trouble or reflect the partner/marriage**)
  • Transit Uranus trine the natal Sun
Uranus-Sun is for change and trines make it easy.

  • Transit Uranus is sesquisquare Midheaven
That is a harder sign of change in a career...

The combination of Saturn and Uranus is a metaphor for breaking free.
  • Transit Venus on the progressed Descendant
This transit is not long lasting. It is just indicating a pleasant day.
  • Transit Neptune square Sun
Neptune-Sun is a negative sign. This transit often appears in the charts of VIP's when they have a negative press. I have no idea why this aspect appears now. Perhaps there is a negative side on leaving the media forever...or there are some worries...
  • Transit Chiron is conjunct Neptune and making the same hard aspects as Neptune does. Maybe there are health issues? Often when Chiron is part of the picture, healers or a healing process is part of life.
  • Transit Pholus (the turning point!) is there, too. Pholus is sextile progressed Sun.
  • Progressed Mercury conjunct transit Neptune and quindecile IC: that is a confusing transit about decissions.
It is a complicated picture of changes, endings and possible health or mental issues (and there are many**). What else is to be expected when you stop a long and successful television show at old age?

Larry King married 8 times to 7 women. What in his chart shows the number of marriages? It can’t be Venus trine Jupiter (the combination of party and fun)…

Moon is semi square Saturn and they rule the first and seventh house. The Moon is in Sagittarius (double bodied sign) inconjunct Pluto in the seventh house. There is also a biseptile between the Moon and Neptune. Those are two important afflictions. And there is more.
Sun/Moon = Uranus partly explains the number of marriages (it is often the mirror of a hectic family life and disturbances). And I like to point at Uranus square Pluto in the 7th. Once he proposed on the first date! Uranus-Pluto combinations always hurry on impulse. And that includes a risk.

It is perhaps the combination of a very strong personality (Moon-Pluto) dominating the marriage, the hectic life style (Sun-Moon-Uranus) and the passion with the risk to shoot his own feet (Pholus = Venus/Mars) that caused divorces. Pholus is right in the middle of Venus and Mars in the 12th house.

Here is the natal chart of Larry King with transits and progressions.

Above is the progressed chart with transits. Watch transit Venus on the progressed Descendant,a very nice for rest and joy. I also like transit Ceres square Jupiter. The opposition of Midheaven and Pluto is still growing.


A hectic life style and being motivated by this makes it difficult to quit, but it is also difficult because he is a workaholic (Mars is 'calling'). That is why he doesn't stop all of his activities. I found 5 more reasons why he goes on and on. See them all here: 
When he announced his retirement I wrote:
Why now?
a. In the progressed chart the Midheaven opposition Pluto (ruler 7th house of marriage) says that someone else or a situation (opposition) demands (Pluto) changes in the career.
b. Larry King also has progressed Sun trine natal Jupiter, a good sign for retirement (and reflecting the recent 25-year jubilation). 
c. Progressed Moon is exactly square Pholus: an emotional or private turning point.

Sun/Moon-Uranus of Larry King is 10.5 Sagittarius. That is square the Mars, Saturn and Uranus of Piers. Larry King's AC/MC-Neptune is square the Pluto of Piers.
**) Earlier in 2010 he underwent heart surgery
***) In May 2010 his wife Shawn attempted suicide. Earlier in 2010 they planned a divorce, but they decided to stay together.

Also visit: (for example about Pholus) or see the labels for background information.

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