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Walter Breuning and the astrology of aging

Walter Breuning in the 7th grade
Centenarian Walter Breuning died. He was the world's oldest man. He was born in Minnesota on September 21, 1896. See the chart for noon on that day (maybe the angular positions and Ascendant would tell more, but time of birth is unknown). It is the combination that counts and it's the combination that tells us that he was a very positive and social kind of person with a helicopter view. He was not the kind of person to seek problems. The first 45 years of his life he had only harmonious progressions of the Sun (while life was hard in those days). Walter Breuning said that his recipe for getting old was taking only 2 meals a day and working as long as you can. Here is the chart.

Some of the natal positions:

  • Jupiter rises before the Sun, without making major aspects for the optimist at any possible level

  • Sun opposition Ceres refers to genes. He may have had perfect genes, but he didn't have children.

  • Uranus doesn't make any major aspect within 5 degrees if he was born after noon. In that case, Jupiter AND Uranus are 'calling'! Jupiter-Uranus is part of the picture that I see in the chart of those who become very old. The midpoint Jupiter/Uranus related to Pholus and Nodes

  • A lot trines (6) is for easy going.

  • 50% of the planets and lights in air signs is for sociability and humor

The first 30 years of his life he had very easy progressions (trines with Venus and Mars, conjunction with Mercury and sextile with Jupiter, first trine was with Pluto). Only at age 45 we see Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn. That means that he could grow and progress easily (even though there could be external events with fewer harmony). 

Together the positions indicate that he was a very moderate and calm person with a positive (helicopter) view. Jupiter-Uranus allows people to overlook things and be contemplative. That is in line with being secretary  in an office of Freemansonry until he was 99 and Progressed Sun was semi square Pholus (meaning a frustrating turning point). 

When he died there were the next transits and progressions:

T Saturn trine Pluto (the die hard combination)
T Pholus opposition Progressed Neptune
Progressed Sun trine Pholus (easy turning point)
Transit Ceres conjunct Progressed Venus (?)
Transit Mars inconjunct Progressed Jupiter 
Progressed Node square Saturn (goodbye)

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