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Chart of a very very old woman: Jeanne Calment

My first publication on the Internet was an article about the differences between the charts of those who became very old and those who died young. That was in 2003. You can find the articles about this study here:
- about differences in age
- about aging

Jeanne Calment was the eldest woman ever. Her parents also became very old. But nevertheless: what in her chart helped her achieve that? Let us see how her chart is corresponding with the charts of others who became rather old...

1. Uranus is prominent ('calling')
to show us that she is an exception...
In my book Astro I.D. there is a chapter about the oriental Uranus in the charts of a few very old persons.

2. Crucial angular Sun on ASC with good aspects
That reflects a crucial good health.

3. Saturn is oriental
That is for being cautious and serious.

4. Mars on top, square ASC
She was above all an active person. She still rode her bike at age 100.

5. Sun trine Jupiter
An optimistic and positive life style has better chances to survive.

6. Sun not only trine Jupiter, but also binovile Uranus
The Sun-Jupiter-Uranus combination reflects being inventive and is a combination that I often find in the charts of very old persons. Jupiter is also 157.5 Sun/Uranus

7. Mercury sesquisquare Jupiter
She was mentally OK till the end and probably used her brains communicating, reading etc.

8. NO inconjunctions in the natal chart
Inconjunctions in the natal chart might reflect bad health issues from the start (being born with a born defect or disability). Not having those indications must be fortunate.

Other observations:

Madame Calment smoked until she was unable to light the fire herself. Mars biquintile Neptune reflects the creative use of drugs.

LOSING DAUGHTER AND GRANDCHILD: Progressed inconjunctions
Her only daughter died in 1936, when progressed Midheaven was inconjunct Moon ruler 5 (house of children).
She lost her only grandchild in 1963. That was when progressed Midheaven was inconjunct progressed Uranus ruler 9 (house of the grandchildren). Losts and losing...they have to do with inconjunctions. Click 'inconjunction' in the labels below to find out more about this 150 degree aspect.

She died on August 4, 1997, shortly after the trine of progressed Sun with Jupiter (repeating the natal trine!). Jupiter is in her natal 8th house of life and death. The Sun had changed sign in progression (1,5 years before) and changed health or lifestyle. Transit Jupiter was sextile progressed Midheaven in a period of transit Jupiter square Sun. In other words: she had a very good doctor when life became a problem.

Aunty Jo from Amsterdam is in the newspapers today because it is her 102nd birthday! She was born with Uranus rising before the Sun (oriental). She also has a 'calling' Jupiter. Just like in the case of Calment, the combination of Jupiter and Uranus is active.

Click on 'old' in the labels below to see more examples.

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