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The natal chart of Albert Schweitzer (born 14 January)

Albert Schweitzer was born on January 14, 1875 in Kaysersberg and he died in Africa. What did he do all of his life? A lot. As an example: he performed (he spoke, he gave concerts) and he told and wrote about his convictions in order to collect money for his hospital in Lambarene, Africa*).
In this post I check his chart for the artistic pattern and I find it. I also find the drive to convince others. And the effect of the Mars-Saturn-Uranus combination, too. (Mars-Uranus surprised me in this chart until I read his own words. He managed to control his temper. Because he also had a creative way to control his moods (Moon quintile Saturn)).

The chart is clear about it’s owner: it is a gifted and sensitive person with a drive to convince others and his goal is to collect money. He has difficult parts in his character but he overcame them, apparently. His Sun is square Neptune and so he is idealized and idolized*) and perhaps not the person the world takes him for, might be true. In that case this chart proofs that you can use any hard aspect in a positive way. Sun square Neptune links life to dreams, beliefs and ideals and some people with this aspect can actually make their dreams come true. Albert Schweitzer did it. He had the creative capacities, the ideals and the drive.

My files tell me that he was born at 23h50 and I wonder if that is correct, because there is no angular planet in his chart. But let us see if there is an artistic pattern, because he was only 7 when he composed a psalm. This talent was inherited. His father and grandfathers played the organ. Just like in the charts of other artists, there is an astrological pattern of Moon, Venus and Neptune related to Midheaven. More examples of the patterns of talents are to be found on my blog Art & Astrology.

In Schweitzer's chart Venus and Neptune are sesquisquare and Venus is biquintile the Midheaven and this means that he had artistic talent and that these talents were used in a creative way (biquintile) in public. The Moon rules the Midheaven and is conjunct Neptune for the need to dream and have fantasies. Here you are! Albert Schweitzer was a very ethical and sensitive person. Ethics, he said, was nothing more than a reverence for life (being in awe for life).

Jupiter is 'calling' in his chart, because Jupiter does not make any Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. Jupiter symbolizes travelling.

But let us have a look at the chart as if we did not know that it was the chart of Albert Schweitzer. Then you may notice that with this hour of birth Mars is the oriental planet, sesquisquare Aries Point, square Saturn and Uranus and semi sextile Venus. What does THAT mean? It means that he had a period of limited freedom in his life, during World War I. In WW II he had to stay in Africa for almost 10 years do to the situation. There was a long period in his life that he had limited freedom to go where he wanted to go (to Europe).

His chart tells us that he was a fighter, someone with enterprise, an activist, a freedom fighter. He might even have been short tempered sometimes, but also hard (to himself and to others). Mars, Saturn and Uranus are of importance in his chart. First of all he is a do-er, fighting to break free. Mars square Saturn and Uranus and Venus trine Uranus (sense of rhythm) are the tightest aspects in his chart. It tells a story about sudden passion and anger and the efforts (Mars) to keep it under control (maybe by working hard).

I quote himself:" I had to fight hard against my hot temper. I remember many events of my childhood which still humiliate me and keep me watchful in this struggle." Mars-Uranus-Saturn...

If I had not known who's chart this was, what would I have found? I would ONLY have found Jupiter calling and the prominent Mars oriental, afflicted by Saturn and Uranus. Mars and Jupiter are often related in the charts of preachers. Mars and Jupiter shows the drive to convince...And Albert Schweitzer had such a drive, just like Warren Jeffs has. And Robert Schuller has it (Mars quintile Jupiter: the creative drive to convince). His son has Mars opposition Jupiter.

*)With Sun opposition Midheaven, Pluto square Midheaven and Venus biquintile Midheaven his public role was to perform (Sun) in public (MC) to collect (Cancer!) money (Venus and Pluto).

Mars and Uranus in aspect
Art & Astrology, patterns of talent
Sun and Neptune

In the charts of 3 famous preachers (Johannes Maasbach 5 December 1918; Karel Hoekendijk, 1 December 1904 and Benny Hinn 3 December 1952) I found:
Sun in Sagittarius
Aspect between Mars and Jupiter
Aspect between Mercury and Uranus
Jupiter-Neptune combinations

Schweitzer has a prominent Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in aspect with Mars,Mercury is binovile Uranus and there are combination of Neptune with Sun/Jupiter and Venus with Jupiter/Neptune. It is apparently a sort of a 'preacher's pattern'.

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