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How (astrologically) Robert Schuller's son left Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral, the famous television church founded by Robert Schuller, goes on without Robert Schuller's son Robert Anthony. They disagreed about the policy and of course, the son could not keep on trying to be the spitting image of his father, IMO. Instead of Robert Anthony there are now guest ministers from all over the world. The conflict between convictions and ways of 'spreading the word' lies first of all in the sesquisquare between their Jupiters. But there is much more...even without hour of birth.

Schuller was born September 16, 1924 in Alton and his son on October 7, 1954 in Blue Island. The Pluto of Schuller senior is exactly square the Sun of Schuller junior for the influence that he has on the life of his son if not the shadow of the father falling over the son. His Neptune is inconjunct his son's Mars. And there are more indications for difficulties in the combination of their charts. But let us see how their charts point at religion as a profession and at the present conditions of their charts.

Robert Schuller is a gifted minister. On the day he was born, Neptune was rising before his Sun, conjunct Northern Node and in the 22nd degree of Leo. Recently Neptune was in the 22nd degree of Aquarius, opposition the natal Neptune. An opposition reflects 'the others' causing a problem. And Neptune versus Neptune and Node is a conflict about ideas or beliefs in a community.

If he was born early, Saturn would not make any aspect and be 'calling'. That is illustrative for his position as a father (also as a 'father' for his followers) and manager. In the charts of preachers and evangelists, Saturn is important. Their position creates a lot of responsibilities for the lives of their followers. They have a sort of an 'official' position and in protestant churches main figures in the community carry the title of 'elderly' and Saturn symbolizes the elderly. Think of Martin Luther King and Billy Graham. They both have an oriental Saturn (I mean Saturn rising before the Sun).

There is a strong connection between Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto telling us about the power of the word and the price to pay for fame (Jupiter inconjunct Pluto). In October 2008, when he asked his son to step back, he had transit Jupiter opposition Pluto, activating the inconjunction in his chart.

His son Robert Anthony has a conjunction of Venus and Saturn in his progressed chart these days and that is an aspect that relates to the love for a parent and separation in relationships.
Transit Jupiter is opposition progressed Uranus and square progressed Neptune (He also has Jupiter square Neptune in his natal chart, also being activated right now). It is a combination of relief, a conflict between conviction and belief.

Both father and son have a conflict between Jupiter and Pluto in their charts and right now in their transits!

Transit Jupiter is inconjunct progressed Pluto (...) Just like the father has in his natal chart! The son mirrors this aspect in his natal chart. His Jupiter is semi sextile Pluto. In their composite chart Jupiter is sextile Pluto so that they were successful together. Father and son are sharing the aspect of the price to pay for success and... convictions! And that aspect in their lives is being activated by transit Jupiter right now.

Their is another way to explain Jupiter-Pluto conflicts in the charts of ministers. Pluto is the symbol of power and influence, policy and money. Jupiter is the 'way' (how to get to...). They already have Jupiter sesquisquare Jupiter in their natal charts and Pluto is intensifying the way that they are convinced of their own idea about the right direction (Jupiter). Jupiter's transits enlarges this conflict.

Robert Anthony Schuller has Jupiter conjunct Uranus in his natal and that aspect is also activated by transit these days. It is the tightest aspect in his chart and it means that he has to make a positive fresh new start. And it might be a relief, too.

I have written about Mercury and Saturn in an earlier post. Robert Anthony Schuller has Mercury conjunct Saturn. This aspect strongly indicates that his opinion and the way he communicated was related to his father (Saturn) or other authorities. That aspect might be the reason that it took him so long to start inventing his own conviction and style of convincing others (Jupiter conjunct Uranus).

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Robert Anthony Schuller had lifted
his Uranus from the earlier position .

His planet still revolves around the son and
His universe so not to worry. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, joy and a
sound mind.