Monday, December 1, 2008

Astrology chart of Hillary Clinton and her present position

Hillary Clinton, the woman who thought she would only want to be a NY Senator, accepted to be Senator of State in the Obama administration. Maybe, maybe, her hour of birth is really 20:00 hours, or just a little later. Because between November 21, when the rumors became stronger, and today, transit Pluto was exactly opposition her Ascendant for stressful moments in time and pressure or...for the challenge she could take. Yes, there are doubts about her hour of birth. But given the fact that on the day she was born, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Neptune were prominent, any hour of birth on that day tells us that a person with a special drive was born.

On Friday, November 21, I wrote about the hour of birth of Hillary Clinton: "Though it is not official yet, it seems that Hillary Clinton has accepted to be Secretary of State (Minister of Foreign Affairs). As long as neither Obama nor Clinton have confirmed this, the message in the NY Times remains just speculation, but if that is true, the probability that she was born at 20:00 hours grows. That hour was initially supposed to be the correct birth time of Hillary Clinton. Later there were doubts. But using 20:00 hours transit Jupiter would be semi square her natal Midheaven today and transit Uranus inconjunct her progressed Ascendant: positive crucial change would have come into her life. We will just have to wait till Tuesday, when Obama is to present (the names of) his team."

Months ago on Astromarkt I published the reading of her chart in the light of the coming elections. I like to highlight those parts of that reading that are linked to the present acceptation of a position under Obama's thumb because they illustrate her ambition and drive.

1. SUN opposition ASC/MC for the starring role
Hillary Clinton is a (calling) Sun Scorpio in the 5th house. That means: leadership, (pro-) creativity and drawing attention at any level. The Sun is opposition the midpoint of Ascendant and MC, another indication for fame and glory, in the 20.00 hours chart.

2. MOON in the final degree of the Zodiac: Cassandra!
Her Moon is 'void of course' (does not make aspects in sign any more) in the very last degree of the zodiac. That is (according to Janduz) the degree of Cassandra, a woman with special abilities and vision. (PS: if she is not born at 20 hours, there is of course another degree for her Moon and the Moon might even be in Aries)

BTW Note that the Moon is on top and conjunct Zero Aries, though in Pisces. She is the kind of woman who wants to be on top and that is because of her ideals/ideology or dreams.

3. MARS/PLUTO SQUARE VENUS: passion for politics and power. Venus square Mars conjunct Pluto: the lust and drive for power and money and intensity in desires. She likes to use power.

With Saturn quindecile (165d) the Midheaven of the 20.00 hours chart, she has the drive to climb. She wanted to be President, and now she is a Secretary of State. When Saturn enters Libra she will be fully aware of the disadvantages of her position, I am afraid.

I concluded that the chart of Hillary Clinton reflects the image of a woman who is eager to use her influence and very focused on for example material security. In the article about the chart reading of Hillary Clinton I mentioned her vocabulary (Mercury semi square Jupiter/Pluto) and a calling Jupiter related to Sun/Moon... for the INTERNATIONAL!!!....Those are the perfect skills and that is what it takes for a Secretary of State or: that is what it takes to BE one. She will just love to travel.

PS Since there is a dispute and no certainty about the hour of birth of Hillary Clinton I highlighted the passages in the article above that remain valid, even if she wasn't born at 20.00 hours. In any chart, time unknown, the facts for October 26, 1947 are:

- Neptune is oriental,
- Sun and Jupiter ! - are 'calling'(no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and
- Mars is conjunct Pluto (tightly) and related to Aries Point, square Venus.

That is enough to let astrologers know that she is an idealist or someone with an ideology, a successful leading person and someone with a strong passion for politics if not a passionate person in general with a lot of strength and influence. And see: Jupiter, the INTERNATIONAL traveller of the chart, is prominent. So Obama picked the right woman for the job.

For more information about 'calling' planets, read the article about planets without aspects and elements without placements on Astromarkt.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to be the one to point this out, but at this point it looks like her birthtime is actually 8:02 AM. There are conflicting reports of her birthtime on, but more of them corroborate the 8:02 AM time. And importantly, the astrology holds up. Check out this article on Hillary Clinton's chart and her recent promotion:

Astromarkt said...

Perhaps you are right. But without a birth certificate we don't really know. All that is truely certain is that her Sun is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign) for attention and that the Venus-Mars-Pluto combination stands (for passion for politics. I will highlight that in the article above. Thanks for your information!