Thursday, December 11, 2008

Astrology chart of Boy George

In fact, Boy George is an act. That is the conclusion of my post in Art and astrology, my new blog about patterns in the charts of artists.

Had I not known his profession, I would have thought that this was the chart of a man with self confidence, imense artistic talents (see the lines in the chart between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune) and technical skills, a man who wants to draw attention (Sun opposition MC). And to whom sexuality, influence, politics or money are of crucial importance. But I would also notice the price to pay for the status and reputation (ruler 10, inconjunct Pluto).

The most important planet in his chart, as far as the professional and public field is concerned, is Jupiter, ruler 10. Jupiter is tightly inconjunct the angular Pluto. Inconjunctions mean misbalance. In this case there will be a price to pay for a reputation. Sometimes with this aspect people earn their money in a way that conflicts with their moral (or with that of others).

In December 2008 Boy George was convicted for the abuse of a male escort (remember Mars conjunct Uranus for the hot head). Now transit Uranus was square Midheaven: for an upheavel and for being hot news.*) The 20th degree of Sagittarius (the degree of his Midheaven) will be visited by Saturn a few times and most of the time old Saturn has a punishment for 'bad' boys. His Saturn! is prominent (calling, no major aspects in sign). From time to time he warns others for the effect of drugs. (

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Kal said...

George is known for his "viper"-like, or caustic, tongue. Any indicator of that in his chart? I was thinking maybe Mars/Uranus conj, Mercury oppose MC, and/or Pluto inconj Jupiter.

Astromarkt said...

Good question! Right in time to make me aware of Mercury exactly (!) square Eris (symbol of discord) in his chart. The chart is DDrated by Astrodienst, so maybe there is no opposition Mercury-Mc, but the Mars-Uranus conjunction certainly attributed to hot tempered and impulsive statements, too.