Friday, December 26, 2008

Jupiter-Uranus: such a relief and sometimes death

Eartha Kitt and Harold Pinter died yesterday and both had a transit coming from Uranus with their natal or progressed Jupiter:

Transit Uranus conjunct progressed Jupiter
(Eartha Kitt)
Transit Uranus trine natal Jupiter
(Harold Pinter)

The combination of Jupiter and Uranus is the 'thank God'-combination, as Reinhold Ebertin called it. Transits of Uranus with Jupiter or vice versa often go together with a relief or a 'lucky thing' that accompanies a disaster. I have experienced myself that it can be a sign of a positive change in perspective (in times of diseases), or a material change (such as moving to a better place). Sometimes, when people are very old and ill, death is an escape from an endless suffering and in those cases the Uranus-Jupiter combination shows us that death can be a relief.

You can read about the natal charts of Eartha Kitt and Harold Pinter on my site 'Art&Astrology'. Here you see the transits and progressions of Eartha Kitt and the transits and natal chart of Harold Pinter, with the Uranus-Jupiter combination.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post. My powerful old father died earlier this year when Uranus conjuncted his Jupiter (which was very near his AC too), and your words about death as a relief are a real comfort. We were surprised, so it wasn't a release after a long illness which would have made us feel better about it, but for him that was clearly a blessing. Uranus is also transiting my North Node, and two of my sister's Suns, so the whole family is being transformed by this Uranian event. My father loved Harold Pinter too, thought he was a brave soul, so may they meet now.

Astromarkt said...

We had the same experience with Uranus at a time of death: transit Uranus was conjunct my Sun & MC and square my mother's progressed Sun when my father died and it was a shocking moment for us, too. Uranus often goes together also with hectic and busy changing times (and adrenaline).
Thank you for your comment!