Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration Day and the (progressed) chart of Obama

Only a few days left and Barack Obama will be inaugurated. It will be a happy day for him and he will start with positive feelings. This is indicated by the progressed chart with Jupiter 165 degrees from IC and 15 from MC for a strong focus on success and happiness. This day just has to be a success...It is also demonstrated by the transit of Jupiter trine his natal Moon (for the 'feel good' moment'). And to complete the rule of 3: the transit Sun is conjunct his natal Jupiter, too and that is telling us that it is a positive day. A lot of support (and supporters), protection and joy...oh happy day:)

I wrote a while ago about how the progressed chart of Obama shows that he grew into his present position (with Saturn on top and Pluto oriental, completing the natal chart with Sun as final dispositor of the Midheaven). I also had a topic about the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint. And I wrote about the growing danger in the chart of Obama (the distance between Mars, Saturn and Pluto is getting less and the aspects are tighter than before).

I would like to add that the present progressed Sun/Moon midpoint is strongly related to Mercury, Mars, Saturns and Pluto. Of course, the position of a top politician in the world is a position of power, responsibilies and danger, always. It requires hard work and power struggles, especially now that there is a financial and economical crisis. The progressed chart is reflecting this position and situation and the necessity of being on guard, even on a happy Inauguration day.

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