Monday, January 19, 2009

Transit Saturn and Uranus and the bad condition of Queen Fabiola

Transit Saturn and transit Uranus are square the natal Sun in the 21st degree of Gemini in the natal chart of former Queen of Belgium, Fabiola (80). She is in bad condition after surgery and suffers from pneumonia. Uranus is disposing of the 6th house of illnesses. Saturn is on the IC of her natal chart.

There are several other indications for a period of change, like the progressed Full Moon, the progressed Midheaven changing sign and the solar return chart with Moon ruler 8 on top. The 8th house is the house of crisis, life and death.

All this reflects a difficult period and at age 80 it takes more to recover from that than when one is young. That is why the court informed the press about her situation, to express the concern of the family. Saturn often 'sets you back' and Uranus often brings a nativity in the news. The combination of Saturn and Uranus together, afflicting her natal Sun, is an indication for what happened. Her fysical condition is limiting her freedom and she has to stay in hospital.

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