Sunday, January 11, 2009

Progressed and natal chart of Prince Harry, the newsmaker

Prince Harry causes another uphevel. Newspapers all over the world bring the news that he apologized for using discriminating names for fellow soldiers. He also made fun of his grandmother, pretending to have a phone call with her and ending with giving his regards to the corgies (her famous dogs who are fed with golden spoons). OK, what is up today in the chart of Prince Harry?

Jupiter square Pluto (success and the price to pay)
Neptune inconjunct Sun (disproportional negative light)
Pluto semi square Midheaven (career problems - and with grandma)
Progressed opposition of Sun and Moon (a period of separation)

But most of all, look at this progressed chart of Prince Harry. Uranus and MC close together reflecting a longer period of being a newsmaker.

Effect of inconjunction

Saturn as calling planet (like in Harry's chart)

Sun-Neptune effect

Prince William and the Queen

Prince Charles artistic talents (on Art & Astrology)

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