Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When Saturn is the calling planet...

A planet without aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees is what I name a 'calling' planet. The qualities of that planet can reach any possible level and it is not possible to ignore the planet's 'call'. I have been collecting 14 examples up to now and I like to show you what I found.

When Saturn calls, duty calls. Saturn manifests himself prominently in the charts of managers, members of the administration, civil servants, 'fathers' or 'holy fathers'...Saturn is there where hierarchy is and it may take a while to get to the top. Saturn is the planet for officials (like elders, vicars). Saturn involves responsibilities, blame, burdens and often conservatism or the more 'classical' way. When Saturn is 'calling' those qualities and meanings cannot be denied. Often the parents or parenthood are important, too. The negative side of Saturn is that restrictions, limitations, fears and blockades or failure might be part of the deal. Like in the chart of:

- George W. Bush (Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house, ruling the 6th), who followed into the footsteps of his father. In the second term of his presidency, he had his Saturn return (transit Saturn conjunct Saturn) and Saturn crossed the ASC. That activated the existing square of Saturn with the Midheaven (and initiated his downfall). Cancer is the sign of the people and popularity (a word that is linked to populi - people). With Saturn in Cancer there is a limitation in popularity. But on the other hand, Saturn called and Saturn called him to be the Number One in the USA.

-Robert Schuller has Saturn calling in Scorpio. Read about his chart, click here. Saturn often is important in the charts of vicars.

- Pope Benedict 16th has Saturn 'calling' on top of his chart in Sagittarius in the ninth house (and retrograding). He is a church (Sagittarius) father (Saturn) above all...And he fell down with T Saturn square Saturn, see the post.

- In the chart of fallen top manager Bernard Madoff Saturn is calling, too, in Aries.

- André Rieu, doing a world wide tour with his popular classical orchestra, has a 'calling' Saturn oriental! He followed into his father's footsteps (his father was a director of an orchestra, too) and watch the word 'classical'!

- Saturn only makes one wide square (almost out of orb:) in the chart of Gordon Brown, who has Saturn square Midheaven, just like George W. Bush has. And both are in the government, aren't they?

- Manmohan Singh, India's VP has Saturn calling in his chart..

- Mukesh Ambani (Reliance) has Saturn calling in his chart and he is quite a manager and the eldest (!) of the Ambani brothers.

-Saturn was rising AND calling on the day of birth of Campbell Eadie Ross, who was hanged but was not guilty at all...

- Saturn ('for government') is calling in the final degree of Capricorn in the chart of Edward Kennedy. See:

- Saturn calls in the chart of Ben Bernanke

- Dieter Schwarz, manager of Lidl, has a calling Saturn, too.

- Duty calls in the chart of Prince Harry (Saturn on top, calling!).

- Mitt Romney has Saturn calling in his natal chart, opposition Midheaven and this position was activated when he stepped back...

My conclusion:
Saturn can be prominent in different ways: being placed on an angle, on top of the chart or square ASC, rising before the Sun or 'calling'. The above examples show that with a Saturn calling you can rise (high) and fall (deep). You can be a manager, director, president or executive. You might be in a position whit responsibilities and that involves being blamed when things go wrong. Saturn's importance can be working against you in certain conditions, circumstances and social settings. But Saturn does not need to be bad. It depends on the rest of the chart and of genes, social and cultural situations and economy how the 'calling' Saturn will reflect in what way you (are forced to) show responsibility and at what level.

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