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Project: reading the chart of Winston Churchill -1-

The description of a project identifies the goals, needs, do's and don’ts, purpose, and means. Reading is a chart can be done like if it was a project. It takes a method to do that. The best way is to find out what method you prefer. I prefer my own, too Let me show you how the chart of Winston Churchill can be read step by step, following this method.
Let us imagine that Winston Churchill wants to know what you think of his chart and why people are often offended by his remarks. Let us start finding answers and let us give ourselves a certain time to finish the job. I will not try to make a detailed painting, just a cartoon. The description of the project is: to sketch the character and personality and to answer the question. The answers are in the next post.
Step number one is finding the Astro Identification. What is special about this person? What comes to mind immediately? It is like looking at a passport. You notice the colours, lengths and special marks. The Astro I.D. is about the special marks that distinguish this person from others.

What do you SEE in this chart above? What is your impression of the chart? What object is angular or square Ascendant? What object is rising before the Sun? Are there any objects close together at an angle or oriental (rising before the Sun)?

STEP 2: QUICK SCAN (ELEMENTS AND CHARACTER - Sun sign, Moon sign, sign of the ASCendant and tight aspects-)

What element is missing or prominent? What quality is? And what do you think of that combination? Look at the composition of Sun, Moon and Ascendant and try to picture the character of this person. Look at the most tight aspects and the meaning of it. Note what you found and try not to use more than 7 lines to drop your findings.

(SUM 1+2)
At this stage of the project it is time for a go or no go on-moment. Are we on the right track? What have you found so far and have you found similarities between the findings of step 1 and step 2? Make up your mind before you go any further.

The Midheaven routing and aspects to the Midheaven reveal some of the person's goals in life. Look at the nature of the MC, the ruler and the rulers of the rulers. What comes to mind?

Let us have a look at midpoint combinations, Yods and other special aspects, included the midpoints Sun/Moon and ASC/MC, because these midpoints are as specific and individual as can be. And why not have a quick look at Aries Point (and objects making hard aspects with Zero Aries/Aries Point). If you have not yet studied these special combinations, skip it and move on, but be back later (when you know more…

SUM (1+2+3+4)
Start drawing! What kind of a person is this? If you know the background, social setting or educational level, that information should be added before you lay the pencil down and start looking at the cartoon. Satisfied?

"We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."
Why is such a statement so basically in line with his personality?

Now that the essence of his chart and personality has become clear, you might start looking at the reason for having a consult or at the specific issue that you want to study. Perhaps you are interested in his artistic talents? Then go to Art&Astrology to see more. But let us get back to the project!!!

WHY is he notorious for his controversial opinions? That is what he wants to know…
When you found all of the answers, see if you found what I found in the chart of Winston Churchill. Consider this way of reading a chart A way to do it and find your own way to come to the same conclusion about the chart of Churchill.

See the answers in part 2 of this reading...


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