Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Mercury opposition Neptune day

Yesterday it was Mercury opposition Neptune, exactly and even though I knew and even though I had the experience that Mercury-Neptune causes at least delay I didn't want to look like a nutty astrologer and so we went. Why? It is a wrong moment! (Just see the label Mercury-Neptune, with the post about the delayed departure of a ship, for example). So what happened was that someone  who had agreed to deliver a parcel in time didn't (delay 1,5 hours). We crossed the border. Then I forgot my bag (with money, passport, credit card and Iphone) in a busy snackbar  and I  noticed it half  an hour later.  They  had kept it there! Lucky me. Later my husband and I searched for a missing bag with shower equipment and an hour later it popped up in a cool box! When we wanted to go to bed my husband suddenly discovered that he forgot his passport! Panic!!! So we have another delay.

Mercury opposition Neptune day is, apparently, not a good day for me to travel. This Mercury-Neptune was within 1 degree orb with our Jupiter (Neptune conjunct,Mercury opposition) and Saturn (conjunct Mercury, opposition Neptune). Be warned:)...take another day if you can. I should have done it, but I couldn't really. It looked so much easier to leave that day, HAH!;) We are staying were we are until the opposition is over.

PS I even posted this post on the wrong blog (very very Mercury = communication and Neptune = wrong), so I quit! Mercury with Neptune is like this boy in the mist.

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Astromarkt said...

PS Twitter is sorry about not posting my tweets today:) Of course!

barb said...

Speaking of Mercury Neptune, I just wrote out a whole comment and then promptly lost it! Yes, I noticed huge delays yesterday, but had no idea it was merc-neptune. I shall pay more attention next time!