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Transit Saturn and Sun/Moon midpoint

Recently I wrote a lot about the Sun/Moon midpoint (see the label Sun/Moon). 
Transit Saturn has been square my Sun/Moon between November 2010 and July 18, 2011. My experience is, that this transit is reflecting worries and concerns. I am happy to see Saturn move on to other degrees than the 12th of capital signs!

With Sun/Moon in aspect with Saturn you are generally motivated to control, be serious, manage and restrict out of concern, fear or because you feel responsible. More often this combination shows concern about others than yourself: family members, parents, your children. 
A natal Sun/Moon in hard aspect with Saturn is reflecting the need to be in charge (in order to be able to keep control). You are in charge when you are a parent, a manager or working in the administration. You are in charge when you limit yourself (with a diet, for example). And you are in charge when you are hard to yourself. Sometimes, with this combination, you are limiting and restricting yourself. It might be a life long process (natal Sun/Moon - Saturn) and it can happen for a period of time (transit or progression). 

The cause to worry can be outside yourself (concern about others), but it is important not to get depressed by other persons' criticism or corrections, bad situation or ill health. Maybe that is why, when time goes on, this Saturn tends to step back and keep a certain distance. But, perhaps, when you look at it in an objective way and compare yourself to others, it is not as bad as it may seem to be...When you start thinking like that, Saturn is on his way to move on and so are you.

In the post about midpoint combinations of Sun/Moon with Saturn I wrote:

However, Sun/Moon/Saturn combination really seem to be a ‘memento mori’, articulating mistakes, losts and failures, even in the lives of those who achieved something important in life. On the whole with Sun/Moon and Saturn you are motivated to be in charge or to be alone, to manage or to construct… or to seek for something solid and certain like a job in the administration. And you won’t be the kind of person to celebrate life. The approval (or punishment and criticism) of others could be a heavy load to carry sometimes.

That is what occurs with transit Saturn on Sun/Moon: it feels like a nasty, dull or depressing time and sometimes it is, actually. When Saturn moves on, the atmosphere of Sun/Moon still may feel like winter time. Things like your age, your limitations, faults, mistakes and duties have been highlighted and perhaps you even look older than before. Of course, it depends on the other transits and progressions, the natal chart and the real situation on earth in what way this transit will be manifested. Nevertheless, it is one of those transits that don't make life easier. 

PS The chart of the declaration of independence of Norway (source is Astrology Weekly: June 7 , 1905 11 LMT Oslo) has the Sun /Moon midpoint in Cancer, in 11d02m. Saturn is now - July 2011 - square this midpoint.

Transits of Saturn are never easy, but sometimes constructive. See the earlier post about transits of Saturn…

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I found the picture of a Sun/Moon with beard. Saturn (ruler of Capricorn, the goat) and beards go together...Fortunately, this doesn't mean that you grow one with transit Saturn on Sun/Moon. Saturn, for males, is the symbol of the grown-up, the adult, and grown-ups grow beards.

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